Prep For Brianne Corn’s 2012 Pikes Peak Int’l Hill Climb With AMSOIL

Brianne Corn's 2005 Subaru Sti - sponsored by AMSOIL Racing via!

Since Brianne Corn is running AMSOIL Racing products in her 2005 Subaru Impeza WRX Sti (AWD, 2.5L Turbo), it is worthwhile to learn why.  At Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC), AMSOIL used the “Race to the Clouds” as a proving ground for its products.  This was since the late 1960’s when Bobby Unser was setting records on the mountain.

Bobby Unser & AMSOIL Racing - Both achieving winning results through innovation!

Here’s Bobby describing the racing success he achieved due to switching his rear differential fluid to AMSOIL in the grueling Pikes Peak competition:

From another interview Bobby Unser mentions AMSOIL & synthetic oil innovator Al Amatuzio; how they had AMSOIL synthetic gear oil help in better running & performance in the race car’s rear end:

Well, this is not my first Pike’s Peak car.  The first one that I drove at Pike’s Peak, Al (Unser Sr.) has in the museum, but this is the first one that I ever owned myself. Of course, it’s gone through many modifications.

The frame is very light. The total car only weighs 1,350 pounds. That’s wet and ready to race. That was just barely within the rules of what they allowed in those days.  The rear end, of course, is special as I described to you earlier. It’s got special gears in it. Basically, it’s 1948 Ford parts in there. The reason for that is because it’s very small and very light, again.

This is where I told you I became associated with Amsoil, Al Amatuzio, the synthetic oil, because the rear end, engine got so powerful it was tearing up the rear ends.

We had to get a special lubricant, either that or design another rear end. Then it would’ve been heavier and we’d gone slower.  Everything on the car is made to be as light as the technology would allow in those days.

I told you that Amsoil, one of the big innovators in lubricants, first really big truly synthetic oils, lubricants that are made.  Al Amatuzio and I became very good friends. He was a new company, and he knew synthetic products. He knew how to make them. It’s all chemicals.

We’d start playing on the Pike’s Peak stuff. So I could tune my rear end to do the things that was good for the open tube and yet, good for the turning, and do it easy, and have the things last longer.

[Excerpted from: Full Length Interview w/Bobby Unser]

With AMSOIL Racing sponsorship provided to Brianne Corn Racing by Racing Ready, Brianne is continuing the AMSOIL tradition of innovation & success.  We are following Brianne‘s anticipated results in tomorrow’s PPIHC competition.  She is car #968!  As a reference, here’s last year’s Brianne Corn Racing footage:

I have been trying to find a definitive live link for tomorrow’s 90th running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.  I REALLY want to follow Brianne Corn’s racing pursuit live, especially to see if she can achieve a 2nd AWD Time Attack class win in a row!

Here are the links I have found, thus far – I make no guarantees as to which will work.  (Coverage will be starting at 9:00AM Mountain Time):

Hope these help! supports Brianne Corn with AMSOIL Racing!  GO BRIANNE GO!

Racing Ready is looking forward to a safe & competitive racing event at Pikes Peak tomorrow.

Brianne Corn's 2005 Subaru Sti - Final 2012 pre-race Pikes Peak tuning session



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