Brianne Corn 2012 Pikes Peak Video – Worth The Wait!

Super competitive racer, Brianne Corn, released her 2012 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC) video.  Here’s what she had to say about our wait for her epic run video:

I think there were four life flights that day.  One crash caused a 90 minute delay which caused us to run in the rain.  In fact it was our friends that crashed and when we left the line the rumors were flying around the start line as to the extent of their injuries.  I think Jeremy was a little shaken up by the situation.

The weather turned at the last minute and we were told to swap to our rain tires by the race officials.  We were sitting at the line and had no opportunity to scrub them in.  It was a very interesting ride and one of the best times I have had in the drivers seat in a while.

That is until the windshield fogged up.  This was also compounded by the fact that I was experiencing slightly blurred vision from an allergic reaction to something in the air below the tree line.

I hope you like the blending of fan video with our in car stuff. I had to learn how to do some complex (at least to me) audio mixing /editing to put this together. Hope it was worth the wait.

Here it is:

You also need to be informed of this.  Brianne had her car lubricated by AMSOIL Racing Oil.  We are proud to be one her very enthusiastic sponsors.  Even if you aren’t a race car competitor, you too can also take advantage of the benefits of using AMSOIL 100% Synthetic Oil:

  • Make greater performance in the power output of your vehicle
  • Improve your gas mileage with better MPG – a discount at the gas pump
  • Reduce waste oil’s environmental impact on the environment

These are the actual AMSOIL products being used in Brianne Corn's Pikes Peak Subaru STi race car for 2012!

At the end of her video I was pleased at the Racing Ready & AMSOIL mention on the trailing “Thanks to…” credits.  That was a great surprise – thanks Brianne!

Brianne Corn 2012 Pikes Peak Sponsors - AWESOME Racing Ready & AMSOIL mentions!!

Racing Ready is always supportive of the grassroots motorsports racer!
Go Brianne Go!!!


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