Austin F1 Fan Fest Intro & CoTA Transportation Issues

AUSTIN - Texas Charm, Global Appeal

The evening of the same day I interviewed Ali Putnam at the offices of CoTA, I participated in a City of Austin Small Business Development Program workshop titled: “Preparing for the Formula 1 U.S. Grand Prix”.  This was directed to Austin area small business entrepreneurs to help them better prepare for the coming F1 fans, international & otherwise.  This workshop took place in the City of Austin Council chambers.

City Council Chambers in Austin, Texas

It was an interesting program.  I found a few things we as F1 race fans can look forward to, while we’re not onsite at Circuit of The Americas (CoTA).  Here’s a PDF of the program topics (click to enlarge).

AUSTIN - Serving the Global Community with Local Flavor - Are You Ready?

Here are some of the slides shown during the presentation – I will let their content speak for themselves (as always, click to enlarge)…

Austin Fan Fest 2012 (1) - Map Overview

Austin Fan Fest 2012 (2) - Street & Lot Closures

Austin Fan Fest 2012 (3) - Austin is HOT!

Austin Fan Fest 2012 (4) - Austin Uniqueness!

Austin Fan Fest 2012 (5) - Who Are F1 Fans

Austin Fan Fest 2012 (6) - Be Prepared

Austin Fan Fest 2012 (7) - What VISITORS WIll Expect

Austin Fan Fest 2012 (8) - What YOU Should Expect

Austin Fan Fest 2012 (9) - Tips For Success

Here’s a related article regarding the planned downtown Austin gridlock due to the Formula 1 fan festivities: F1 festivals expected to gridlock Downtown Austin

After the speakers there was an open microphone Q & A session,  I got up in front of the over 100 people in attendance with the following question:

I represent Formula 1 fans through our San Antonio F1 Club (SAF1C).  San Antonio area F1 fans want to know if a third shuttle site will be available in the region south of the Circuit of The Americas.  Many people have been asking me about this topic.  What is being considered & what can we expect?

Two individuals gave 2 different answers, but for now there is only one that I can share with you.  You will have to wait for the next possibly pending answer later…  That first answer was general in nature, essentially saying that a third site is still under consideration, but nothing is for sure, as yet.  Talk about wishy-washy…

Here is latest official information from CoTA, just released today:
Transportation – Park & Ride

CoTA Transporation - Park & Ride Maps

Hmmm, I’m not a fan of being assigned to 1 of the 2 current locations shown… 🙁

But, last weekend, during a visit with Wyman Gilliam (of Wild Bubba’s Wild Game Grill fame), he mentioned an article that recently appeared in the Austin American-Statesman newspaper.  This article mentions that CoTA has purchased 98 acres of land just 2 mile east of their site, to be used as “employee parking”.  Well, that sure smells like it could be considered a prime location for a third shuttle location.  I’d sure like to hope so.  The location is ideal & would allow F1 fans from Elroy, Bastrop, Buda, Kyle, San Marcos, New Braunfels, San Antonio & other points south more convenient parking & shuttle access.  Here’s the article link & a map detailing the 98 acres location!

CoTA Area Investment Properties in Development

I hope we can start this as a rumor that comes to total fruition!  Racing Ready thinks it should…we can only HOPE SO!!!


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  1. Dan, Just FYI. Buda has a shuttle service to the track and returning at 7P for Saturday and Sunday. Pickup is at the Stagecoach Ranch City Park. I just booked two spots for Sunday and there are seats left. 25$ per person. 512-295-7170.

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