Brianne Corn Trailblazes H2R RallyCross Track

I recently shared quality RallyCross track time with Brianne Corn at Harris Hill Road (H2R).  She & H2R manger Philipp Hübner are developing a fun, but definitely challenging course on the H2R Property.  Some of it is planned for outside of their road course track, but the challenging variety of RallyCross driving features are mostly included within the track’s interior.  The area has been mostly left to grow as nature intended it, as you can see below…

Harris Hill Road - note the RallyCross course opportunities!

Brianne’s growing RallyCross experience has led her to carve out a course many will find to be both surprising & focus-driven.  Using one of H2R’r track mules, a Nissan Pathfinder, I was able to experience the initial guise of this wild track course.

H2R Nissan Pathfinder mule-tow vehicle

With the variety of multiple turns & course undulations, & the limited power of their banged up SUV, we may have not been going more than 35MPH.  But with Brianne pushing the limits of the track & SUV, it was a great ride!  We all know Brianne to be a superb competitor, but being so down to earth, she makes you feel extremely comfortable while bouncing through all those truck vehicle suspension crashes.  Check out the almost 2 lap (handheld camera phone) video.  Yes, it’s herky-jerky, but you will be able to really appreciate what Brianne & Philipp are working on.  You will want to experience this RallyCross course for yourself soon!

In discussing this new RallyCross feature for H2R, Bo Rivers stated this will be for H2R members only.  That may be what he says, but I can’t see people keeping away.  They will be wanting to pay for the privilege of traversing a RallyCross track at speed that was strongly influenced by the hand of Brianne Corn.

Regardless, this effort is another chapter in Brianne’s ongoing journey through her life’s racing dream.  Racing Ready heartily endorses her continued visionary efforts!  GO BRIANNE GO!


P.S. – In an effort to be accurate & in the interests of full disclosure, in the video I mis-quoted.  I said that John Buffum brought his Audi Quattro to H2R 8 years ago.  Actually, it was James Bufkin & he brought his Audi Quattro 5 years ago.   Here’s the page link I found that documents this in the days before H2R was paved…

James Bufkin's Audi Quattro doing rally practice at H2R in 2007

Below is a quick video from that rally practice day, for course features comparison:

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