2012 Formula 1 USGP in Austin – Finally Here!

2012 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix - Returns to USA in Austin, Texas!

It’s here & happening now:

Formula 1 Returns to USA in 2012

2012 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix!

For the latest information to keep up to date, click Calendars link below:

Austin Events Calendars for 2012 Formula 1 USGP Racing

To learn what it took to get here, I offer the following review…

The Formula 1 spectacle has arrived back in the USA.  Round 19 of the 2012 F1 season takes place just a few miles south of the Austin, Texas airport.  The formation & creation of the Circuit of The Americas (aka, CoTA), has been a long time in coming.  We at Racing Ready, & many others, have known about it for 2 & 1/2 years.  But the initial gestation period started much longer ago, thanks to Tavo Hellmund.  Today, you no longer see his name officially associated with CoTA.  But the idea & desire behind it all started with Tavo.

Circuit of The Americas - Home of The World Championships

Starting in May 2010, the public was made aware.  The concept of a Formula 1-spec track was proposed to be built in southeast Travis County, where Austin, the Capital of Texas is situated.  Things started to move quickly, but not exactly smoothly:

Here’s what Jenson Button, F1 driver on Team McLaren, said in expectation:

You can see elements of the Maggotts/Becketts complex from Silverstone; there’s a reverse of Istanbul Park’s Turn Eight, too; and I can even see a bit of the Hockenheim infield.

I think we’re in for a fantastic weekend – I really cannot wait to get out to Austin and see the city, the people and the track. I think it’s going to be brilliant.

See these 2 track comparison illustrations for you to appreciate:

Circuit of The Amrericas track layout comparison - showing 'Maggots & Becketts' detail


Circuit of The Americas track layout comparison - Hockenheim 'Stadium Section'

This is a historic event in American Motorsports.  Much will continue to be written, but now enjoy the racing.  To all visitors, both here at Racing Ready & in Austin, Texas, we are SO pleased you took the time to visit.  We look forward to your return.

AUSTIN - Texas Charm, Global Appeal



P.S. – For in-depth reading, off track, review this: F1 Racing Grand Prix Fan Guide.  Be advised, it’s 109 pages (!), Courtesy of the Austin America-Statesman.

Circuit of The Americas, a sunset in anticipation of Formula 1 racing success!

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  1. did you hear that mazdaUSA was at harris hill road on november 15th? i got exclusive media coverage of the event thanks to MazdaMovement! videos will be posted soon!!! got to slap my gopro hero3 on the 787 and the 792! all because of this f1 event they were in town and visiting harris hill road!

  2. Geeks know how to throw a party. LinearB’s events are dietneifly testament to that.I’ll confirm with LinearB, but I believe the GeekAustin events will move to the third Tuesday of the month following SXSW. We’re trying to remove the meeting date conflicts that occur between GeekAustin and the monthly meeting.

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