2012 F1 Season Completed, and Still Digesting

I know it’s been almost 3 weeks since we enjoyed the scintillating shrill of 24 Formula 1 cars blaze their inaugural trail around the Circuit of The Americas (CoTA).

First time into turn 1 at CoTA, 2012 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix - they all made it through without incident!

It’s been almost 2 weeks since the Formula 1 season came to a dramatic close at the Brazil GP in the rain, at the Interlagos Circuit in Sao Paolo (I love watching the drama of racing in the rain!).

First turn misdirection by Vettel on 1st lap of 2012 F1 Brazil GP!

It’s been about a week since the SPEED staff put together their final Debrief & shared their final farewell…(sniff)

SPEED Debrief Final Farewell

And I know I haven’t blogged about ANY of this…

I will have to say I haven’t yet fully digested all I experienced in the 5 days spent exposed to the world of Formula 1 in the Austin area.  This was at CoTA, in a variety of venues in downtown Austin & elsewhere.  I would like to properly present what I was able to experience.  I want to share with you what I learned about this special Formula 1 world of racing.

Pondering questions in preparation for the FOTA Fans' Forum in the Hilton, Austin, TX - 14-NOV-2012

Thank you for your patience & anticipation.  Racing Ready appreciates your continued readership!


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