Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas – MotoGP Coming to Texas!

Within 10 days MotoGP, the pinnacle of international motorcycle racing, will have a new track debut at Circuit of The Americas (CoTA – the first purpose-built Formula 1 racing facility in the USA).  This will be Round 2 of the 2013 MotoGP season. The title of this event is: Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas.

Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas - promo

The MotoGP racers will run the same course as the Formula 1 racers.  Here’s the CoTA course layout:

MotoGP Track Course at Circuit of The Americas

I will admit I’m not well versed in motorcycle racing.  I’m not even a rider (but did learn to do so during college).  But seeing the “stunt” style of racing these guys do in MotoGP has convinced me to pay attention!  In addition, MotoGP is contracted with the CoTA for 10 years!  Here’s a technical lap with US MotoGP racer & Texan Colin Edwards (aka, the Texas Tornado).

Next is an intriguing video of Italian MotoGP racer Andrea Dovizioso of the Repsol Honda Team discussing key elements of racing via 1,000 frames per second video & if there is, in his opinion, such a thing as a perfect lap.  This is sure to get your blood moving!

Andrea Dovizioso: The Perfect Lap, in MotoGP

Here’s another informative perspective:

Casey Stoner breaks down the technique needed to race a MotoGP bike, including taking a high-speed corner nearly horizontal. Red Bull Moments captures athletes doing amazing feats at 1,000 frames per second.

Hold on & watch Casey Stoner describe the MotoGP experience at speed!

Lastly, we take a hot lap with MotoGP racer Blake Young getting ready for The Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas.  These are different points of view that you may not have seen before.

Racing Ready will leave 2-wheeled racing to the dedicated pros.  There’s not enough body amour or belief in alternative physics to change my mind.


Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas logo

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