RUSH (Lauda VS. Hunt Formula 1 Rivalry) Movie Trailers Released!

RUSH, the Formula 1 Lauda-Hunt Story - by Ron Howard, The Poster

RUSH , Ron Howard’s soon to be acclaimed vintage Formula 1 epic has recently released 3 movie trailers.

The first & shorter one is kinda/sorta okay…

The second one is just a bit longer, but is much better edited.  It seems more authentic & more true to the gritty, historical story line (& it gives you better goose bumps!).

This will definitely be in my racing movie collection, once it is released for purchase after the September 20, 2013 premier!

RUSH, the Formula 1 Lauda-Hunt Story - by Ron Howard, another Poster

For some accurate & interesting background about the actual Niki Lauda vs. James Hunt story, here’s a British documentary account (from the Historic Clash of the Titans series).  Although it runs almost 45 minutes long, this will give you good insight about their rivalry & great background information.  It is well-sorted.  I’d suggest this as required viewing homework for Formula 1 history fans.

[If this link is down, try this:]

Racing Ready honors those that bring the world of Formula 1 & other racing series revealed to the general public.  Thank you, Ron Howard.  We can’t wait until this coming September 20th!


P.S. – Here’s another, 3rd trailer – Rush – A Look Inside . . .

Watch this more insightful trailer, further interspersed with focused comments from Ron Howard (film director), about this extremely competitive will to win between rivals James Hunt & Niki Lauda, during the 1976 Formula 1 season!

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