V8 Supercars to Coming to America at CoTA!


V8 Supercars Austin 400 - CoTA video promo

At long last we will be able to witness the racing hyjinx of Aussies in heated competition in their V8 Supercars.  This will take place here in the USA at the Circuit of The Americas (CoTA)!  This coming May 17 thru 19 are the dates of a different kind of racing in Texas.  Besides the unique driving style of V8 Supercars, CoTA will be debuting their shorter (2.3 mile) track configuration.  These guys will be running four (4) 100 lap sprints, 2 on Saturday, 2 on Sunday.

CoTA short track configuration - 2.3 miles for V8 Supercars

To give you an idea of the variety of seating arrangements & availability, here is a CoTA track layout image from a different perspective.

CoTA short track seating & viewing availability for V8 Supercars

CoTA recenty released this V8 Supercars series teaser video:

Last year Mark “Frosty” Winterbottom’s previous visit to CoTA, before it’s pavement completion, gave him an idea of what to look forward to this May.  Here’s a recent interview article of Mark.

Mark 'Frosty' Winterbottom giving CoTA his thumbs up!

Other changes made this year with the V8 Supercars series to make it EVEN more interesting:

This year’s iteration of what the paper awesomely calls “Australian Rules NASCAR” will be especially interesting because it’s not just a contest between Holden and Ford anymore:  now, we’ll see a Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG and what is probably the meanest, fastest car ever to wear a Nissan Altima badge running in it as well.

Now this is FUN!  Let me share last year’s Darrel Waltrip V8 Supercars experience at Bathhurst:

Waltrip’s Ride of a Lifetime!

Here’s a recently released, eye-opening video from CoTA; NASCAR and V8 Supercar champions in a historic driver swap:

Kurt Busch & James Courtney swap cars
at Circuit of The Americas

NASCAR & V8 Superscars drivers (Kurt Busch & James Courtney) swap their rides

To help you plan, here’s a tentative schedule for the V8 Supercars weekend at CoTA (click to enlarge).

V8 Supercars tentative weekend schudule at CoTA - 2013 May

This event should be the start & continuation of increased fan interest in V8 Supercars.  I know that Racing Ready likes this & will be watching.  Australian Rules NASCAR, indeed!