BEGi Dyno Event – Small Cars & Big HP!

Over a month ago I was invited to participate in the 3rd Annual BEGi Dyno Day event.  I attended as a Miata owner & AMSOIL vendor.  Arriving early, I was able to check out the environs of Terry McCauley’s Toyota Corolla Lease business.

     Karlino early at Lone Star Dyno

Over the last couple of years, Terry’s business has grown a solid reputation.  He works with other shops nearby, besides BEGi & has other ideas to continue to grow.  Here’s Terry’s business card – please contact him for your dynamometer needs.

Lone Star Dyno, Terry McCauley's business card

Lone Star Dyno interior before the BEGi event

I arrived early to coordinate with Stephanie Turner of BEGi™ (Bell Engineering Group, Inc.)  I set up my AMSOIL vendor table & started to visit with people.  My participation in this event was two-fold:

  • to inform & educate Miata owners of the benefits & savings available by using AMSOIL synthetic oil lubrication
  • to provide AMSOIL products for sale, some at a good discount

AMSOIL display at Lone Star Dyno during BEGi Dyno Day

Before 9am, many Miatas, and some other Mazdas started showing up.

Lone Star Dyno front panorama

Grouping of Miatas at BEGi event with Lone Star Dyno

Besides talking about & selling AMSOIL products, I was able to interest many in the CG-Lock device.  This helpful item quickly makes your seatbelt “racing harness tight”.  I also explained the $5.00 discount you get when visiting Racing Ready.  To get the discount, use the code  ‘racingready‘ in the CG-Lock shopping cart.

CG-Lock Simplicity making your seatbelt 'racing harness tight'

Many owners drive their Miatas only a few thousand miles annually.  Some drive to race on weekend track events.  Others enjoy their cars on organized fun runs through the Hill Country.  Only a few Miata owner use them as their daily driver, like me & Karlino (my 1999 NB model).   Most of these less than 5 to over 20 year old Miatas are very well cared for, as well as slightly to highly modified.  To my surprise, some of these 1.8 liter vehicles dyno’d upwards of 300 horsepower!  Well, I shouldn’t have been that surprised.  Many of these owners are regular BEGi customers!  🙂

Stephanie Turner (of BEGi) & Terry McCauley working with 'CHOUKI' on the Lone Star Dyno

Terry McCauley of Lone Star Dyno, controling the Miata named CHOUKI

Lone Star Dyno, their Dyno Jet public display

AMSOIL display with dyno session in progress at Lone Star Dyno with BEGi

Later a HUGE Dodge Ram 4×4 showed up & dyno’d over 800 HP at the wheels.  See what a powerful diesel’s exhaust looks like when running on a dyno!

Big RAM 4x4 truck on the dyno - it just fits!


Dodge RAM 4x4 pre & post acceleraton!

Traveling to these AMSOIL vendor events in a Miata can be a packing logistics challenge.  You know, I think I could have gotten another case or 2 of AMSOIL synthetic oil in there.  What you think?

Secrets of packing Karlino tightly - top up & down

Racing Ready had a good time being present at this BEGi Dyno Day, to represent AMSOIL.  For more information regarding AMSOIL synthetic oil lubricants for your vehicel, visit ReadyOil !