Is Today’s Formula 1 Ready for Competitive Female Racers, Like Susie Wolff?

Well, as we speak there are multiple women (Simona De Silvestro, Ana Beatriz, Katherine Legge, Milka Duno & Pipa Mann) holding their own in IndyCar.  Some race full-time, some are part-time.  Also, consider Danica Patrick who is eking out her racing career existence full-time in NASCAR.

But what about Formula 1?  Is it at such a high level of physical, mental & competitive strain, that women racers avoid it?  Not so regarding  Scottish female F1 development driver for Team Williams, Susie Wolff.

Susie Wolff - F1 Williams Team Development Driver

Here’s a little video snippet of recent history regarding Susie & her challenge to break into the male-dominated Formula 1 racing driver ranks.

Read this latest article from July 19, 2013 – Susie Wolff: Williams driver pleased with F1 test debut

Susie Wolff, Scottish female F1 test driver, tests for Williams

Here’s additional recent news – Susie Wolff says her pace justifies Williams Formula 1 test chance

Long road for female F1 drivers – Susie Wolff

Here’s the opinion of Sir Stirling Moss, 82, who is widely regarded as the greatest driver never to have won the F1 world championship.  (He competed in Formula 1 from 1948 to 1962,  & won 194 of 497 races entered!)

Sir Stirling Moss says women lack mental aptitude for Formula 1

Sir Stirling Moss' opinion on Female Drivers in Formula 1

There were other women racers given the opportunity to compete in as drivers in Formula 1.  But we have heard so little or none about them.

  • Maria Teresa de Filippis – 5 races (1958-69), 3 starts – 0 points
  • Lella Lombardi – 17 races (1974-76), 12 starts – 0.5 points
  • Divina Galica – 3 races (1976 & 78), 0 starts (did not qualify)
  • Desire Wilson – 1 race (1980), 0 starts (did not qualify)
  • Giovanna Amati – 3 races (1992), 0 starts (did not qualify)

I want to quote respected Formula 1 pit  lane reporter for NBC SPORTS Network, Will Buxton (willthef1journo).  Here’s an excerpt from Will’s Buxton Blog :

Will The F1 Journo, of the Buxton Blog

The dated opinions of the past generations on topics such as this should be left where they belong: in the past.  Dragging them up for a quick headline surely stands to do the issue of gender equality in racing more harm than good, merely serving to remind people of an antiquated view which is no longer representative of the modern face of racing, whilst also serving to take a cheap shot at a legend of this sport.

A bit of perspective is needed here.  Stirling’s was not it.  And it was never going to be.

Racing Ready wants to know what you think about the female gender racing with their peers in Formula 1.  Would you want to watch & follow them challenge the male F1 driver status quo?


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