Spectre 341 Challenge: Thrilling, Fast & Twisty Uphill Run

Spectre 341 Challenge logo

Although this solitary piece of road in Nevada, called Route 341, is less than half the length of the Tail of the Dragon (which is 11 miles long), it may be just as challenging & runs faster!  This is a twisty hill climb route, 5.2-miles long, that encourages a wide-open-throttle up the Nevada State Route 341.  Here they run the annual event called the Spectre 341 Challenge.  It runs through the rocky hills about 20 minutes east of the state capital of Carson City.

Here’s AutoWeek’s video take on this event:

AutoWeeks' Cadillac CTS-V at the Spectre 341 Challenge

Here’s an excerpt from the first year of this event’s teaser page:

The Speed by Spectre 341 Challenge is a rare opportunity to drive flat-out on some of the most aggressive and challenging mountain roads in the country, without the worry of oncoming traffic or law enforcement. The course is 5.2 miles long with 22+ turns, a 1,216-foot rise in elevation, steep drop offs and no guardrails! Vehicles must be street-legal and registered. Tires must be DOT legal with at least 3/32? tread depth and a minimum 100 tread wear rating.

Nevada's Spectre 341 competitors waiting for their run

Read more about this at AutoWeek’s article.

Spectre 341 Nevada Route Sign

This is EXTREME road racing, not for the faint of heart.  Would this be something you would consider?  Hmmm…  Well, it’s now on the Racing Ready bucket list!  🙂
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