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Renowned Formula 1 pit lane reporter Will Buxton (currently on staff at NBC Sports Network) tells it like it is on his most recent series on his blog:  Put up or shut up… Part 1

Will Buxton's F4 'slicks & wings' ride to Formula learning glory

This is Part 1 (of a 3 part compilation) of Will Buxton’s adventurous foray into learning about entry into the European Formula series of racing.  It was his desire to jump at the chance to get behind the wheel of a proper racing single seater, getting his racing license & all that is needed.  Below is the video (it’s Part 3) demonstrating Will’s encouraging progress to advance his Formula 4 car faster.  It shows that, the faster you go, the faster you can go.   You gotta love the aerodynamics factor of racing car downforce!

After this third entry of Will’s series & which was the above video, I was moved to post this comment on Will’s blog:


Thank you for posting this video & series of your entry to the world of the Formula racing ladder. Those of us on the other side of the pond appreciate your candor & wit, just like you demonstrated with us during your Karoke fundraiser gig in Austin, Texas last November.  I was the one who sang Englebert Humperdinck’s, “After The Lovin’ ”, which even inspiring you to dance, somewhat.

Anyway, your comments & content are the seeds of what I’ve be trying to pursue through my vicarious blogging on http://RacingReady.com.  I plan to paraphrase a summation of your content , to also include your blog’s links of this ‘Put up or Shut up…’ series, in a future Racing Ready blog post.  I’m sure it will be an inspiration to my readership, as it has been to me.


Racing Ready Dan

Here’s a bit about how I know Will Buxton.  Just prior to last November’s inaugural Formula 1 race in Austin, Texas, I participated in Austin’s FOTA Fan Forum.  Multiple F1 drivers, team principals & broadcast personnel were there for us to listen to and ask many questions of.  It was a unique experience, one of the highlights of my weekend.  I was here I first met Will Buxton, in person.

 Will Buxton with Racing Ready Dan at the 2012 FOTA Fan Forum in Austin, Texas

Will Buxton, now NBC Sports Network Formula 1 broadcaster, looking pleased to meet Racing Ready Dan - 14-NOV-2012

I was even able to obtain Will Buxton’s autograph!  He signed atop of his published article in the December 2012 issue of GP International:

SPEED Broadcaster Celeb Autograph of Will Buxton - 2013-NOV-14

Two nights later, Will had organized (with The Austin Grand Prix‘s great help) a Karaoke fundraiser at downtown Austin’s Irish Pub, Fado.  We all had a great time & I even put in my Karaoke 2 cents to vie for the TW Steel watch prize.  I was inspiring Will to dance… 🙂  Will (who acted as MC) & The Austin Grand Prix worked together to raise $2,135.25 for Meals on Wheels and more.  Here’s a couple of candid shots of Will (& me) “performing”…

Will Buxton's Karoka fundraiser inspiration at Austin Irish Pub, Austin, TX - November 2012 (the left photo courtesy of Dale Daughtery)

So, as you can see, Will Buxton is a mufti-faceted & talented individual.  Will may not remember me or Racing Ready.  But, I am honored that his activities (besides his stellar Formula 1 pit land & paddock reporting) were a part of what made the first Formula 1 Austin USGP at Circuit of The Americas (CoTA) especially memorable for me!

Back to this Formula 4 racer run.  Racing Ready truly sees this path that Will Buxton is venturing on as one way to go from wannabe to racer…!


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