Go from wannabe racer to successful racing competitor!

…wannabe to real racer! (Revised November 5, 2009)

This tagline describes the path amateur motorsports enthusiast can follow, inspired by my blogged documentation of local autocross club activities, HPDEs (high performance driver education) events, and more about amateur motorsports.

Racing Ready exists to fulfill at least five purposes:

  1. Explaining the variety and availability of participating in racing venues
  2. Inspiring readers to follow their vision of actually getting into racing
  3. Reporting issues of interest within the amateur racing community
  4. Provide a motorsports knowledge outlet & enthusiasts car parts resource (to learn & buy)
  5. Getting me to follow through on a dream I’ve had since I was a kid

So, who am I?  Here’s a very brief bio about me, a wannabe racer, Dan Scanlon.

I’m finally doing something about it by actively blogging here at Racing Ready.  Besides finding lots of new information online, I’ve been doing the following:

  • participating as an observer & a competitor at local autocrosses & regional track & road racing events
  • talking with the competitors, their friends & families
  • taking many pictures to share with you what I have observed
  • posting my thoughts, impressions and inspiration on this blog

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Relaxed satisfaction after a long Hill Country 2010 Spring drive, with Karlino, my trusty steed!

This will be an ongoing, mutual learning adventure . . . let’s enjoy this together!

Dan on a High Performance Driving Event high!

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