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AMSOIL Synthetic Oil products save you money, increase your vehicle’s performance & helps to improve our environment. These are articles support & promote AMSOIL, through the Independent AMSOIL Dealership at

BEGi Dyno Event – Small Cars & Big HP!

Over a month ago I was invited to participate in the 3rd Annual BEGi Dyno Day event.  I attended as a Miata owner & AMSOIL vendor.  Arriving early, I was able to check out the environs of Terry McCauley’s Toyota Corolla Lease business.

     Karlino early at Lone Star Dyno

Over the last couple of years, Terry’s business has grown a solid reputation.  He works with other shops nearby, besides BEGi & has other ideas to continue to grow.  Here’s Terry’s business card – please contact him for your dynamometer needs.

Lone Star Dyno, Terry McCauley's business card

Lone Star Dyno interior before the BEGi event

I arrived early to coordinate with Stephanie Turner of BEGi™ (Bell Engineering Group, Inc.)  I set up my AMSOIL vendor table & started to visit with people.  My participation in this event was two-fold:

  • to inform & educate Miata owners of the benefits & savings available by using AMSOIL synthetic oil lubrication
  • to provide AMSOIL products for sale, some at a good discount

AMSOIL display at Lone Star Dyno during BEGi Dyno Day

Before 9am, many Miatas, and some other Mazdas started showing up.

Lone Star Dyno front panorama

Grouping of Miatas at BEGi event with Lone Star Dyno

Besides talking about & selling AMSOIL products, I was able to interest many in the CG-Lock device.  This helpful item quickly makes your seatbelt “racing harness tight”.  I also explained the $5.00 discount you get when visiting Racing Ready.  To get the discount, use the code  ‘racingready‘ in the CG-Lock shopping cart.

CG-Lock Simplicity making your seatbelt 'racing harness tight'

Many owners drive their Miatas only a few thousand miles annually.  Some drive to race on weekend track events.  Others enjoy their cars on organized fun runs through the Hill Country.  Only a few Miata owner use them as their daily driver, like me & Karlino (my 1999 NB model).   Most of these less than 5 to over 20 year old Miatas are very well cared for, as well as slightly to highly modified.  To my surprise, some of these 1.8 liter vehicles dyno’d upwards of 300 horsepower!  Well, I shouldn’t have been that surprised.  Many of these owners are regular BEGi customers!  🙂

Stephanie Turner (of BEGi) & Terry McCauley working with 'CHOUKI' on the Lone Star Dyno

Terry McCauley of Lone Star Dyno, controling the Miata named CHOUKI

Lone Star Dyno, their Dyno Jet public display

AMSOIL display with dyno session in progress at Lone Star Dyno with BEGi

Later a HUGE Dodge Ram 4×4 showed up & dyno’d over 800 HP at the wheels.  See what a powerful diesel’s exhaust looks like when running on a dyno!

Big RAM 4x4 truck on the dyno - it just fits!


Dodge RAM 4x4 pre & post acceleraton!

Traveling to these AMSOIL vendor events in a Miata can be a packing logistics challenge.  You know, I think I could have gotten another case or 2 of AMSOIL synthetic oil in there.  What you think?

Secrets of packing Karlino tightly - top up & down

Racing Ready had a good time being present at this BEGi Dyno Day, to represent AMSOIL.  For more information regarding AMSOIL synthetic oil lubricants for your vehicel, visit ReadyOil !



3rd Annual BEGi Dyno Day – May 4, 2013!

Racing Ready is anticipating the 3rd Annual BEGi Dyno Day, Saturday, May 4, 2013.

BEGI Dyno Day 2013

For those of you not familiar with BEGi™ (Bell Engineering Group, Inc.), for the last 35 years they have been on the leading edge of the engineering and manufacturing of high performance products.  BEGi™ is the oldest Turbo Kit maker in the USA.  That is SO cool & they’re LOCAL!  From their line of rising rate fuel pressure regulators to their industry standard turbocharger & supercharger systems, BEGi™ can give you the performance you’re looking for with the engineering expertise you demand. They are the Miata Turbocharging and Supercharging experts!

Here’s the description of this anticipated annual event, directly from their website:

The price is $60 for 3 dyno runs. Each run will receive a print out of horsepower, torque, air fuel ratio, and boost (if applicable).  The fun starts at 9:00 am and goes until the last car has been run.  Cars go in a first come, first run basis.  While we expect mostly Miatas, all makes and models are welcome to join us.  The DynoJet Chassis Dyno is capable of 200mph and 2000hp.  And the ramps are nice and long for those cars with low ground clearance.

Lone Star Dyno doing a Miata dyno pull - 1

The dyno is located just a few miles from the BEGi office at Lone Star Dyno’s new location.  Come join us to learn all about turbo charging and tuning from Corky Bell and Stephanie Turner.  See some project cars we’ve got and previous turbo installs.  If time allows, we will tune a car for demonstration.  Complimentary lunch and drinks!

Lone Star Dyno doing a Miata dyno pull - 2

Dyno day will go on rain or shine!  Bring your own chair, we will have plenty of tables and tents.

We will have drawings for Free dyno time, T-Shirts, and Performance Parts.  Participation in dyno runs not required to enter the drawings.  We will also give out prizes for the Miata with the most horsepower (forced induction and naturally aspirated) and any car with the cleanest engine bay!

Address of the event:
Lone Star Dyno
7160 US Hwy 281 N. Suite 17
Spring Branch, Texas 78070

This should be a fun event.  Besides the entertainment of watching performance oriented cars pulling dynamometer runs, there should be some great performance related information from the Bell Engineering Group (Stephanie & Corky).

In addition, Racing Ready plans to be there with a a table display of AMSOIL products.  I’ll be there to answer your AMSOIL synthetic oil & other related lubrication questions, to offer advice & explain opportunities available to purchase AMSOIL products at wholesale pricing (about 25% off of retail).  Who knows, there may be some AMSOIL door prizes to register for, too!

We’ll see you there at the BEGi Dyno Day, on Saturday, May 4, 2013.


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Once your data is entered, the time saved will allow you to better organize the ongoing care of your vehicle(s) & other engine driven tools.  Racing Ready uses & endorses this service.

Vehicles & toys you can track with MyAMSOILGarage™

Here’s detailed information about benefits of AMSOIL…& FAQs about AMSOIL!
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NOTE:  There’s good reason why all-round winning driver Brianne Corn, both in competition & attitude, uses AMSOIL.  It’s the trusted synthetic oil lubricant that she can count on to support her consistent performance.  This was  regardless of the constantly changing conditions at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC). supports Brianne Corn with AMSOIL Racing! GO BRIANNE GO!

SPEED at Wild Bubba’s & CoTA Racing Baptism

This weekend Racing Ready went to the environs of Circuit of The Americas (CoTA) to celebrate 1 month away from the inaugural Formula 1 race weekend in the United States. We came back with more surprises than anticipated!

AMSOIL display at Wild Bubba's Octoberfest 2012

I participated as an AMSOIL vendor with my friend Wyman Gilliam at Wild Bubba’s Wild Game Grill – Octoberfest 2012.  He hosted his fourth successful Meet, Greet & Eat get-together of grassroots F1 Austin region race fans.

Tilke Garden @ Wild Bubba's Wild Game Grill - 2012 Octoberfest

This Octoberfest was so successful, in fact, that Bob Varsha Of SPEED came by to visit!  It was great to be able to visit & converse with him.

Bob Varsha, of SPEED, meeting Wild Bubba at his Wild Game Grill - Octoberfest 2012!

Wild Bubba welcoming Bob Varsha of SPEED to WB's Wild Game Grill - Octoberfest 2012!

Bob Varsha of SPEED conversing with Racing Ready Dan, at Wild Bubba's Octoberfest 2012

Also in attendance were Jason Anderson, manager of F1Nightly.con, along with the popular Girls.  Many people were posing with them for photo ops all night long…

Jason Anderson, Manager of & the Girls, at Wild Bubba's Octoberfest 2012!

Wild Bubba with the Girls at his 2012 Octoberfest!

After some overnight Facebook jockeying, early Sunday morning dawned with dedicated Formula 1 race showing up at the Haywood property (just NE of CoTA, near Turn 11).  This was coordinated & published by Friends of Formula 1 Austin Texas.  Here’s that post:

I just spoke to Mr. Haywood. He is allowing us to view tomorrow’s event from his hillside for $10 a person. Opens at 8:30 am.  Cash only.  Entrance near Elroy Road and Jacobson Road.  Who’s going?
For those of you not familiar with Elroy, Texas geography, here’s the location of the Haywood Place, in relation to CoTA:

Location of Haywood's Place, by CoTA's Turn 11

We were there to witness the racing baptism of CoTA with none other than Mario Andretti driving the first racing speed laps ‘in anger‘, in a 2010 Renault R30 race car!  Here’s a video snippet.  I was amazed at how wonderful that shrill exhaust screaming sounded & how far it carried – turn it up!

All of us 10 plus witnesses were in pure aural ecstasy.  This was my first time hearing that SO unique sound.  I now know that hearing the racing broadcasts on TV is not at all a substitute for the real thing, live & in person.  We were all relishing the thought of how this is going to sound with all 24 race cars at speed in 4 weeks – WOW!

Marion Andretti approaching CoTA Turn 10 at speed in 2010 Renault R30 F1 race car - 1 month before inaugural Austin F1 USGP!

Racing Ready is humbled by this live, joyful F1 racing initiation & very glad to share it with you!!!


P.S. – In the interests of due diligence & correct reporting, we later found out that Mario Andretti wasn’t driving, but it was current Lotus Team test driver Jerome D’Ambrosio driving those first 5 CoTA baptism laps that got us all excited.  There was an indication that the engine was not performing properly, so they stopped the R30 laps.  We still thought it was a beyond this world experience!!!

P.S.S – Yup, I posed, too!  Who could resist…

Racing Ready Dan with Girls!

Brianne Corn 2012 Pikes Peak Video – Worth The Wait!

Super competitive racer, Brianne Corn, released her 2012 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC) video.  Here’s what she had to say about our wait for her epic run video:

I think there were four life flights that day.  One crash caused a 90 minute delay which caused us to run in the rain.  In fact it was our friends that crashed and when we left the line the rumors were flying around the start line as to the extent of their injuries.  I think Jeremy was a little shaken up by the situation.

The weather turned at the last minute and we were told to swap to our rain tires by the race officials.  We were sitting at the line and had no opportunity to scrub them in.  It was a very interesting ride and one of the best times I have had in the drivers seat in a while.

That is until the windshield fogged up.  This was also compounded by the fact that I was experiencing slightly blurred vision from an allergic reaction to something in the air below the tree line.

I hope you like the blending of fan video with our in car stuff. I had to learn how to do some complex (at least to me) audio mixing /editing to put this together. Hope it was worth the wait.

Here it is:

You also need to be informed of this.  Brianne had her car lubricated by AMSOIL Racing Oil.  We are proud to be one her very enthusiastic sponsors.  Even if you aren’t a race car competitor, you too can also take advantage of the benefits of using AMSOIL 100% Synthetic Oil:

  • Make greater performance in the power output of your vehicle
  • Improve your gas mileage with better MPG – a discount at the gas pump
  • Reduce waste oil’s environmental impact on the environment

These are the actual AMSOIL products being used in Brianne Corn's Pikes Peak Subaru STi race car for 2012!

At the end of her video I was pleased at the Racing Ready & AMSOIL mention on the trailing “Thanks to…” credits.  That was a great surprise – thanks Brianne!

Brianne Corn 2012 Pikes Peak Sponsors - AWESOME Racing Ready & AMSOIL mentions!!

Racing Ready is always supportive of the grassroots motorsports racer!
Go Brianne Go!!!


Brianne Corn Challenges Mother Nature – Earns Pikes Peak Queen, Again!

Brianne Corn Racing logo on Brianne Corn's 2005 Subaru Sti! at 2012 Pikes Peak

For those of you following Brianne Corn‘s racing campaign up the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC), I will have to say we are just a little bit disappointed.  Mother Nature did her best to skew the racing conditions, but navigator Jeremy Rowland says it best:

You play the hand you’re dealt and Brianne stepped up to the task. Pikes Peak is a fickle lady and this year she was with Rhys Millen who won not only our class but the race overall. Horrific crash by some friends of ours (both ok) caused a 90 minute delay while we were at the start line and left us racing in freezing rain. Even a cautious “Sunday drive” gave us the 2nd fastest wet lap and 5th in class. As the announcer said, “separating the women from the boys.”

Our time was 12:01, 5 seconds slower than last year’s time in ideal conditions (with 2 miles of gravel and a slower car).

Did I mention the windshield was completely fogged over from Devil’s Playground up? You guys will get a kick out of the in-car video when it’s up in a couple days.

Brianne Corn's 2005 Subaru Sti - taking a wet turn at speed on Pikes Peak 2012

Owner of Vorshlag Motorsports, Terry Fair, summed up Brianne’s result very succinctly:

Congrats to Brianne for taking 5th in very wet conditions (for her runs) and for winning Queen of the Mountain at Pikes Peak 2012.

Another Facebook poster (Joe Franciamone) said, I think, what we all feel about Brianne’s results:

I know there must be some disappointment on the weather being such a picky $#&%, but the commentators were really giving some huge praise when you came around (16 mile I believe) using perfect timing on braking/throttle/turbo spool (all were mentioned), and then compared how the next drivers were not going in or exiting the turns nearly as fast or clean.  Great job you guys!

Brianne Corn's 2005 Subaru Sti, at speed , racing by in the rain at 2012 Pikes Peak

The video of Brianne Corn Racing’s run up to the clouds, complete with rain, & more., will be forthcoming.  I will post it in the next blog entry (or so)…  So, in lieu of that video, here’s a great interview of Brianne at Pikes Peak in 2009 – lot’s of great insight & inspiration on her part here!

Here’s a video teaser of Brianne drive-bys , thru Gilly’s Corner, to whet your appetite!

Racing Ready is proud to have supported Brianne Corn’s PPIHC racing event with AMSOIL products!  You too can find out what AMSOIL products would be appropriate for you vehicle, whether it be a racer or your daily driver!  Just visit the AMSOIL Online Product Application Guide for a look-see… 🙂

Inquiring minds want to know!



Prep For Brianne Corn’s 2012 Pikes Peak Int’l Hill Climb With AMSOIL

Brianne Corn's 2005 Subaru Sti - sponsored by AMSOIL Racing via!

Since Brianne Corn is running AMSOIL Racing products in her 2005 Subaru Impeza WRX Sti (AWD, 2.5L Turbo), it is worthwhile to learn why.  At Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC), AMSOIL used the “Race to the Clouds” as a proving ground for its products.  This was since the late 1960’s when Bobby Unser was setting records on the mountain.

Bobby Unser & AMSOIL Racing - Both achieving winning results through innovation!

Here’s Bobby describing the racing success he achieved due to switching his rear differential fluid to AMSOIL in the grueling Pikes Peak competition:

From another interview Bobby Unser mentions AMSOIL & synthetic oil innovator Al Amatuzio; how they had AMSOIL synthetic gear oil help in better running & performance in the race car’s rear end:

Well, this is not my first Pike’s Peak car.  The first one that I drove at Pike’s Peak, Al (Unser Sr.) has in the museum, but this is the first one that I ever owned myself. Of course, it’s gone through many modifications.

The frame is very light. The total car only weighs 1,350 pounds. That’s wet and ready to race. That was just barely within the rules of what they allowed in those days.  The rear end, of course, is special as I described to you earlier. It’s got special gears in it. Basically, it’s 1948 Ford parts in there. The reason for that is because it’s very small and very light, again.

This is where I told you I became associated with Amsoil, Al Amatuzio, the synthetic oil, because the rear end, engine got so powerful it was tearing up the rear ends.

We had to get a special lubricant, either that or design another rear end. Then it would’ve been heavier and we’d gone slower.  Everything on the car is made to be as light as the technology would allow in those days.

I told you that Amsoil, one of the big innovators in lubricants, first really big truly synthetic oils, lubricants that are made.  Al Amatuzio and I became very good friends. He was a new company, and he knew synthetic products. He knew how to make them. It’s all chemicals.

We’d start playing on the Pike’s Peak stuff. So I could tune my rear end to do the things that was good for the open tube and yet, good for the turning, and do it easy, and have the things last longer.

[Excerpted from: Full Length Interview w/Bobby Unser]

With AMSOIL Racing sponsorship provided to Brianne Corn Racing by Racing Ready, Brianne is continuing the AMSOIL tradition of innovation & success.  We are following Brianne‘s anticipated results in tomorrow’s PPIHC competition.  She is car #968!  As a reference, here’s last year’s Brianne Corn Racing footage:

I have been trying to find a definitive live link for tomorrow’s 90th running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.  I REALLY want to follow Brianne Corn’s racing pursuit live, especially to see if she can achieve a 2nd AWD Time Attack class win in a row!

Here are the links I have found, thus far – I make no guarantees as to which will work.  (Coverage will be starting at 9:00AM Mountain Time):

Hope these help! supports Brianne Corn with AMSOIL Racing!  GO BRIANNE GO!

Racing Ready is looking forward to a safe & competitive racing event at Pikes Peak tomorrow.

Brianne Corn's 2005 Subaru Sti - Final 2012 pre-race Pikes Peak tuning session