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Brianne Corn Preps for 2012 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

I have always admired Brianne Corn‘s sincere & eager push to compete in all forms of racing she has entered.  Here she is on her way to winning the AWD Time Attack class at the Pikes Peak last year (2011 – the last year with a partial dirt course – it’s all asphalt this year).

Brianne Corn - racing drive by at Pikes Peak, 2011

Two week ago today I received a message on Facebook from Brianne Corn, competitive racer extraordinaire.  She simply asked:

Hi Dan.
Are you interested in being the fluids sponsor for the Pikes Peak car this year?

Well, as an up & coming Independent AMSOIL Dealer, I wasted no time in getting this set up.  Since then we coordinated & came to an agreement.  Brianne will now be representing AMSOIL Racing, via Racing Ready sponsorship assistance, at Pikes Peak.  We are so proud to support such a positive & competitive racer!

Brianne, & her much better modified 2005 Subaru WRX STi & her AMSOIL Synthetics products are now in the vicinity of  Colorado Springs.  She & her support team are going through final preparations for the 90th running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb competition.  The event date is this coming Sunday, August 12rh, 2012.

Pikes Peak International Hill Climb logo

This past Saturday I called Brianne & was privileged to hear her gush enthusiastically about her greatly improved race car.  This was the 1st time Brianne had seen her car in person for at least 3 months.  As she walked around the car, phone to her ear, she listed a number of racer ooohs & aaahs:

  • completely replaced & improved suspension (by AWD Tuning)
  • 2″ wider tires than last year (with nicely done custom fender extensions)
  • now about 500HP (last year the car had about 350HP)
  • they have taken every opportunity to lighten & stiffen the car
  • 3″ stainless steel exhaust pipe, from header to tailpipe – no muffler!
  • turbo & headers well wrapped in gold foil & thermal wrap
  • upgraded rear differential
  • and more!

Terry Fair (Principal of Vorshlag) & Jason McDaniel (Brianne’s Crew Chief) & the other folks at Vorshlag Motorsports have done a great job of completely reincarnating Brianne’s Sti Subaru race car.

Brianne Corn's 2005 Subaru Sti with 'ghosted' engine thru hood shot, at Vorshlag Motorsports

Brianne Corn's 2005 Subaru Sti - waiting for scrutineering, in preparation for the Pikes Peak Int'l Hill Climb

I will post clearer car images when they are made available.  For details of Brianne’s car build, go to this Vorshlag Motorsports build blog posting…good stuff here!

Brianne Corn's 2005 Subaru Sti - practice driveby - 08-08-12

Today Brianne finally got out to practice & reacquaint herself with her new race car.  Her Subbie is definitely a “new beast” as witnessed in this Vorshlag Motorsports shakedown run at Mineral Wells at the end of last week.  Enjoy the anticipated winning ways for Brianne as Terry Fair tests her car in this video below (click image to play)!

Brianne's Pikes Peak Subaru test run - 08-03-2012

I’m SO very happy for Brianne & anticipate some good results!  Racing Ready is inspired by Brianne’s perseverance.  I am also confident in the role that the AMSOIL synthetic oil & other products she is using will assist in her success.

vThese are the actual AMSOIL products being used in Brianne Corn's Pikes Peak Subaru STi race car for 2012!


Splitter is 'Brianne Tough'!



Respecting What a NASCAR Driver Has To Do, Via Kart Racing

Thanks to a kart racing experience, at high speed (60+MPH is fast on a ProKart with your butt 1″ above the ground), on a banked circle track last year, I can appreciate what a NASCAR driver has to do to be competitive & win.  I felt it appropriate to discuss my revelation now, since NASCAR’s inaugural race of the 2012 season, the Daytona 500, runs today.

2012 Daytona 500 - The Great American Race

If you are a frequent reader here, you know my previous opinion for NASCAR racing was not of the highest regard.  This post title is contrary to my previous point of view of NASCAR.

I now have an improved change of opinion about the NASCAR series & their respective drivers. That came about last Fall.  I shared with you the Chevy Volt & OTX (On Track Xperience) blogger/racer promo I participated in last October 2011.  Russ, the fastest of the three of us bloggers, wrote this nice piece about the Chevy Fast & Fuel Efficient event.

I learned that to succeed on a banked circle track race, in a ProKart, you need to stay on the gas…whatever you do, never lift.  For me, that was very hard!  My tendency was toward self-preservation.  It was a very insecure feeling to to be tucking into the bottom apex of a corner, at speed, with the kart’s rear end consistently on the verge of spinning out.  I tried, but lack of confidence, fear, centrifugal force, driving on a lit up track at night, the 50 degree cold weather – all conspired against me.  Even with the assurances of my kart racer partner Jeff, with multiple seasons of league karting experience under his belt, I wasn’t sure I could do this.

Proper (& brave) NasKart bump draft racing with OTX at Thunderhill Raceway - Chevy Fast & Fuel Efficient, by DrivingTheHeartland

Fast forward 2 weeks.  Through the goodwill of the winning racer of this event, Russ, I received & made use of tickets to see NASCAR racing at the Texas Motor Speedway (for 2 races & a hotel stay).  This was on Friday & Saturday, November 4th & 5th, just north of Dallas.  It was a long drive, almost 5 hours in Karlino, to get to the hotel & make my way to the track.  Ya gotta love Dallas’ constant challenge of highway construction, fooling you as Google Maps shows you the “right way”, regardless of the menacing lane switching detours.

My Texas Motor Speedway NASCAR Races tickets - Thank you Chevy/GM!

To make a long story short, I got to experience 2 NASCAR racing events:

  • NASCAR Camping World Truck Series racing on Friday night
  • NASCAR Nationwide Series racing midday on Saturday

The Texas Motor Speedway complex is, in a word, vast!  Even before going into the track entrance gate (one of many), I was impressed by the sheer size of the facility & free parking.  I kinda felt out of my element, not wearing any gear that identified me as a NASCAR fan.  I was still proud to wear my AMSOIL colors, although AMSOIL is not all represented in NASCAR.

NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race at Texas Motor Speedway - November 2011 - Panorama

Arriving late Saturday morning, I could see SO much more!

Texas Motor Speedway facade & parking lot, November 2011

NASCAR Nationwide Series race at Texas Motor Speedway - November 2011 - Panorama

So, you ask, how does this huge track & NASCAR event have to do with my karting last year?  Although the comparison is weak, the ProKarts handling felt like the racing stance through that TMS track at speed.  It’s a very slight, but steady controlled drift, looking as if it’s ready to scoot out from under you at any minute & scarily head for the wall!  I realized then & there that the NASCAR racer’s job is to go fast, turn left (mostly), but keep it at the ragged edge of control.  I respect that!  In addition, I saw a lot of the PR activity the NASCAR racer has to go through for both their fans & their sponsors.

See the moving stance of the NASCAR racers at speed - it's a very slight, but steady controlled drift, at Texas Motor Speedway - November 2011

The spectacle of the “side show” around the phenomena know as NASCAR is also quite something, too!  The promotional aspect of the race is a well-oiled machine, offering hearing protection, special radios for the fans to follow the action throughout all the noise & other NASCAR-themed paraphernalia fans just cannot live without.

Hearing protection which made NASCAR watching almost bearable...NOT!

NASCAR race scanners & more - a good example of the NASCAR-specific technology for the race fan, at Texas Motor Speedway

Check out the pricing of the scanners, etc. from sales trailer of R.E. Racing Electronics!

Again, I offer my thanks to GM for inviting me to participate in the Chevy Fast & Fuel Efficient event last fall.  Thanks to them, I experienced part of the NASCAR world in person & gained an appreciation for it.

Racing Ready is always open to learning & forming new opinions.  Although I will have to say I’m still not really a fan (except at the NASCAR road races of Watkins Glen & Infineon Raceway), I now very much appreciate the skill, ability & risk involved in driving within the world of NASCAR.


Ready for 2012 for Racing? I Wannabe!

2011 was a relatively lackluster year here at… I will admit I lacked speed passion!  It was also a tough year for motorsports…

Dan Wheldon - 1978 - 2011 - Rest In Peace...

I DO have some plans for 2012.  I hadn’t participated in actual autocross running since this past summer when I co-drove my Contributing Blogger’s hot, yellow Corvette – that was FUN!  Thanks again, Eric!!!

This past weekend, my good friend Brianne Corn has brought RallyCross competition to South/Central Texas.  I was there, & will blog about it.  For now, I will say it was VERY interesting!

TexasRallySport logo

Next, I’ve volunteered to be the SASCA January 2012 autocross course designer at Retama Park.  I’ve done a few courses at the previous AT&T Center parking lot (3 years ago) & more recently at the NEISD parking lot.  This is my first time creating a course at Retama Park.  As usual, it will be an interesting challenge & I may have a surprise, or 2.

Skyview of Retama Park lot, 2012 SASCA Autocross Venue

Although I will still keep my 1999 Mazda Miata, Karlino, in the stock CS class, I may be able to make some upgrades to Karlino that could make it more competitive, later in the year.  We shall see…

Karlino getting unexpected tire(s) replaced! [December 2011]

There will be other new & exciting events I don’t know about yet, but we ALL know about the Austin Formula 1 USGP, scheduled for next November 18, 2012!!!  WooHoo – WOOT!

Racing Ready is getting ready for a new & VERY interesting New Year.  May it be a HAPPY one for you all!


H2R Partners with Roger Beasley Mazda

Here’s great news for our friends at Harris Hill Road – H2R, now working in cooperation with Roger Beasley Mazda!  This mutually beneficial partnership is a great WIN-WIN!

Harris Hill Road logo

Roger Beasley MAZDA logo

Here’s the text of this hot news:

Harris Hill Road Announces Partnership with Roger Beasley Mazda

It is with great excitement and pleasure that we can announce our formal relationship with Roger Beasley Mazda. We now have them on board as corporate sponsors of the H2R facility. In exchange for help with marketing efforts and a rotation of great Mazda cars at the track, the Beasley folks are going to be able to use the track for corporate events, product launches and other high profile functions. In addition, they have branding rights as the sole manufacturer / dealership for H2R. (Rumor has it that they are considering “Mazda Raceway at Harris Hill Road” as the new name for the club)…

This is a serious win-win for all of us. The relationship will help the Beasley dealership maintain and increase an incredible market share in North American sales and provide H2R with greatly needed exposure and association with a more house-hold name in Central Texas. Their support will enable us to rely less on third party events which “lock out” members [especially on weekends] and allow us to build a more solid and self-sustaining membership that allows for much more “members only” time at the track. David Johnson (DJ to you and me) has spearheaded this relationship and deserves all the credit for making this a reality. We are so thrilled to finally be able to share this with all of you. Good things are on the horizon and we look forward in having all of you along for the ride.

 +    +    +    +    +

Learn more about this exciting new partnership with Harris Hill Road by calling Roger Beasley Mazda in Austin at (512) 377-1947.

We can expect some new & interesting motorsports-related events, with a Mazda flavor, happening at H2R.  Should be fun!

Racing Ready is excited to support H2R as a New AMSOIL Retailer.  Ask them for details the next time you visit.



Panera’s June ’11 Cars & Java (Coffee?) Event

Today, the last Saturday of the month in San Antonio, TX, is a monthly gathering of car people & their rides , unofficially called Cars & Coffee, or Cars & Caffeine, or whatever.  It’s a laid back, park what you brung, whether it be your daily driver or otherwise.  There were all sorts of car culture folk enjoying it all.  As always, click to enlarge the pix!

Informal C&C Show @ Panera's, San Antonio, TX - 25-JUN-2011 - Pano-1

Today I estimated there were about 175 cars of many different marques.  I got there just after 8:30am & the place was already packed!  I was lucky to find a good spot & backed in behind Jason’s sweet, lime green Ultima Can-Am 720.  I had seen him & his car a few months ago, but I never got around posting the pix (sorry).  I am making up for that now…

From the front bumper of Jason's Ultima Can-Am 720

Unlike most people who have high end, beautiful, go-fast cars, Jason is actually enjoying his to the fullest.  He has participated in 3  HPDEs (high performance driver education) events, so far this year.  He was even at speed in the wet!  Now that’s a learning experience, for sure!

Jason's Ultima Can-Am 720, with Karlino!

Jason & an admirer with his Ultima Can-Am 720

Look at that sweet Corvette LS7 engine in Jason's Ultima Can-AM 720!

This is the purpose-built cockpit in Jason's Ultima Can-Am 720

Such a diverse group of 2-seater sports cars - at the informal C&C Show @ Panera's, SA, TX - 25-JUN-2011

For the rest of this post, I’m simply going to provide you with a collection of images showcasing the variety of car marques in attendance.  For further description of the images, just hover your mouse over them.

A variety of age, mode of energy & speed with exclusivity, at the informal C&C Show @ Panera's, San Antonio, TX - 25-JUN-2011

More marque variety - Aston Martin, Bentley & a Delorean (!) at informal C&C Show @ Panera's, San Antonio, TX - 25-JUN-2011

Vipers. nervously quiet, at the informal C&C Show @ Panera's, San Antonio, TX - 25-JUN-2011

Chargers & Cameros in quiet anticipation, at the informal C&C Show @ Panera's, San Antonio, TX - 25-JUN-2011

Mercedes, Fiero , Miata mix, at the informal C&C Show @ Panera's, San Antonio, TX - 25-JUN-2011

More marque variety - Aston Martin, Bentley & Delorean (!) at informal C&C Show @ Panera's, San Antonio, TX - 25-JUN-2011

There were these classic hot rods to enjoy, too, at the informal C&C Show @ Panera's, San Antonio, TX - 25-JUN-2011

They even had a car on fire, a Dodge Magnum, at the informat C&C show @ Panera's, San Antonio, TX - 25-JUN-2011

I made use of Karlino to support my Independent AMSOIL Dealership business.

Karlino assisting with my AMSOIL business...

Karlino is doing his part to support Formula 1 coming to Austin, TX, to let people know it will be starting in 2012 – just ONE year away!.  I have been to Austin the past 2 weekends & plan for tomorrow, as well, to attend a European Grand Prix race viewing party.  Also, there will be a follow up meeting of the Austin Formula 1 Club.

I can’t tell you how long I spent trying to find the cheapest fully comprehensive car insurance policies before eventually deciding to stick with TPFT.

Karlino doing his part to support the arrival of Formula 1 in Austin, TX!

Racing Ready is keeping busy, busy, busy for all of us motorsports fans!


2011 SW SCCA Divisional, Retama Park, by Eric

Once again, Eric (contributing Blogger Extraordinaire) came through with flying colors.  He provides us with pictures, video  & a great, on the spot description of this SCCA Divisional  event, along with all the trials he had to endure.  He covered for me while Racing Ready was pursuing future Formula 1 business in Austin…

This past weekend, I participated in the SCCA Southwest Divisional event #2 at Retama Park.  After my experience at the National Tour, I decided it was time to make the car as competitive as possible and brought Sunshine, my 2001 Z06, down to 911 Motors.

Workin' on improving Sunshine's suspension responce at Federico's shop, 911 Motors!

Federico (owner of the SSM Boxster previously pictured here at Racing Ready) and crew put my car on their lift, and scales, before aligning it the old school method with camber plates and strings.  And while the car wasn’t horrible before, after some tweaking of the Corvette’s built-in weight jacking screws they managed to get the cross weight at 50.1.  Negative camber was also maxed out at -2.25 degrees front and -1.5 degrees rear, with zero toe up front and +2mm toe out back.

Eric's before & after sway bars (antiroll bars) to upgrade his Corvette's handling!

At the same time, I decided to try a larger front sway bar from the C6 ZR1.  This proved to be too much, as the car pushed quite a bit during SASCA event #5.  However, it was much easier to drive and my runs were very consistent, as I had four runs within a couple tenths of each other.  It would’ve been five, if it wasn’t for a spin to not win during run four that sent me backwards through the finish lights.

Eric thru the lights (a damn spin!) at the SCCA Divisional at Retama, on June 18, 2011

Determined to tighten up my line and with the stock front sway bar back in place, I made a few practice runs on Friday afternoon.  That evening, I managed to snap a shot of yellow Corvette row, which included Hubert’s A-Stock C5, and my E46 as sweep car.

Eric's BMW daily driver, also served as sweep car duty.

Most of us at SASCA were a little disappointed by the turnout, with 83 cars taking to the course.  As you can see from the pics below, the pits were far from full and there was no big crowd at the driver’s meeting.

Shallow turnout for this event, the SCCA Divisional at Retama, on June 18, 2011

It was reflected in the unusually small Super Stock field, with just Troy in his beautiful Porsche 911 GT3 and me competing.

Eric's Corvette (Sunshine) waiting in anticipation, proudly wearing the static clings!

At last, after doing my duties as “Co-Chief of Registration and anything else that needed doing,” it was our turn to run.  The car was solid and easy to drive, and it felt better with the smaller sway bar in place.  However, she was still a little pushy, and a sloppy line left me 1.2 seconds behind Troy after day 1.  Day 2 was worse, as evident in the video of my best run below, and this is a good example of how what you think you’re driving may not be what you’re actually driving.

I never knew that I was that far off the cones at :17, and I didn’t realize I’d left so much empty track from :27-:31.  There was a little speed left around the finish corner as well, and the results of this painful to watch run was falling behind yet another 1.2 seconds.  Boy am I glad I had the video to realize all this!

. . .

All in all, it was a great event that showed me just how much further I have to go.  Troy was great to run against and a nice guy to talk to between runs.  Though I’m starting to wonder if we’re missing out in San Antonio, because while the grip available at Retama is much higher than what’s available from Blossom’s resealed asphalt, the Super Stock winner complained to me about the relative lack of grip at Retama.  Though the dust, as evidenced in the picture I stole from Jerry, may have had something to do with it.

A dry, dusty & hot (!) SCCA Divisional event at Retama, June 18, 2011....

Well, not much left to do now but try to improve as much as I can before Jay, Sunshine and I make the trek to Lincoln, NE, and the SCCA Solo National Championships!

As usual, Racing Ready gives sincere kudos to Eric’s submission here – they are always welcome!  I trust his future initiative continues.

Federico, 911 Motors shop owner, is an Independent AMSOIL Dealer.  This is Federico’s AMSOIL lubricated, highly focused & modified Porsche Boxter!

SASCA 2011 AutoX #3 - Federico's SSM Porsche Boxter - with AMSOIL Racing livery!

Of interest, I had no idea the average Porsche boxer engine takes anywhere from 12 to 16 quarts of oil – WOW!


AMSOIL Traxxas TORC Round 1, Douglas Wins!

Traxxas TORC Series, by AMSOIL

Last September AMSOIL Traxxas TORC driver Scott Douglas won the AMSOIL Cup.

Scott Douglas awarded the 2011 AMSOIL Cup

A couple of weeks ago, I met Scott at AMSOIL University.  I was able to congratulate him on a great Traxxas TORC Championship last year & wished him continued success for this season.  Here are pix of us in front of his winning Traxxas TORC #7 Ford F-150.

Scott Douglas, 2010 Trazzas TORC Champ, with Racing Ready Dan at AMSOIL U 2011

Here’s the winning AMSOIL Cup, on Scott’s winning truck, based on a 2007 model Ford F-150.  This is so very different from the current 2011 Ford F-150 EcoBoost.

The Winning AMSOIL Cup, earned by Scott Douglas in the 2010 AMSOIL Traxxas TORC Series

A side shot of the truck – it is definitely bigger in person.

2010 AMSOIL Traxxas TORC Championship Winning Ford F-150 4X4 Truck, driven to victory by Scott Douglas

Here are some phenomenal action shots of Scott Douglas catching racing air in his AMSOIL Traxxas TORC Ford F-150 4X4 #7.  Click to enlarge!

Scott Douglas' AMSOIL Traxxas TORC Ford F-150 4X4 #7 Catching Racing Air!

This past Saturday, Scott continued his push.  He won the season opener without looking back.  The 2011 Traxxas TORC Series presented by AMSOIL opened with bang on Saturday, May 28th, 2011!

See how excited Scott was winning this competition with the help of AMSOIL products!

AMSOIL is the presenting sponsor & Exclusive Official Oil of the Traxxas Off-Road Championship (TORC) series.  You, too, can purchase AMSOIL lubricants here!

Here’s another video from last year to give you some more TORC background with Scott Douglas & AMSOIL‘s committed involvement in the Traxxas TORC Series.

I look forward to Scott winning the 2011 AMSOIL Traxxas TORC Championship in October.  The final race will be here in my “backyard”, just south of San Antonio, Texas!  For more about Scott Douglas & his Off-Road Championship success, visit his Douglas Motorsports Website.

Racing Ready wants to get more deeply involved in the fast dirt!