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AMSOIL Synthetic Oil products save you money, increase your vehicle’s performance & helps to improve our environment. These are articles support & promote AMSOIL, through the Independent AMSOIL Dealership at

AMSOIL University 2011, What’s In It For You?

AMSOIL University logo

This will be a different & busy week  In preparing to bring my AMSOIL Dealership to the next level of performance, I am attending the AMSOIL University in Duluth, Minnesota.

AU focuses on providing Dealers training in all aspects of operating and growing their businesses, including technical know-how, customer service and more. All attendees have access to daily forums where corporate staff will present new products, industry trends and more.

Having just completed the the introductory reception & already meeting some of the home office movers & shakers, I can see I will come out of these 4.5 days with a different, improved mindset.  I have been involved in AMSOIL for about a year & 1/2, guided steadily by my upline sponsor, Mike Westwood, of Alamo Oil.  But there is only so much he can do…

Fulfilling completion of the CORE phase of this AMSOIL University event will push my business further, to help more people discovery the benefits of AMSOIL Synthetic Lubrication.  I won’t be able to continue forward thinking this as a part-time pursuit to work through.  The seriousness of my drive is going o be shaped & honed to areas & heights I can’t imagine now.

If you’ve read this far, you’re thinking…what’s in it for me?
So what, Dan?

I have tasked myself, through this blog & other web-based social networking media,  to better educate you as to why switching your vehicle lubrication needs to AMSOIL would be a benefit to you.  With good information you can make better decisions.

I personally have switched over my car (Karlino) to all AMSOIL synthetic lubricants in the driveline (synthetic motor oil in the engine, synthetic fluid in the  transmission & rear differential).  I immediately noted improved, “seat of the pants”, performance & some improved gas mileage – I say some because I’m a wannabe racer & drive with more than the average amount of enthusiasm.  😉  I would not have done this if I had not been educated to understand the benefits of switching over to AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricant, in a nutshell:

  • saving money at the gas pump
  • improving the performance of your veicle
  • making the environment a better place for our children & grandchilren

Look for more information along this theme as my initiative here at Racing Ready and Ready Oil develops further!


AMSOIL Racing – Products The Pros Use!

AMSOIL makes high quality synthetic lubricants.  Part of their promotional mission is racing.  Before I became an Independent AMSOIL Dealer, I had no idea of the variety of racing series out there.  AMSOIL is involved in a great variety of racing, both 2 & 4  wheels, both on & off road, asphalt, dirt, in snow & even on water!

AMSOIL Racing logo

Racing severely tests the ability of AMSOIL Synthetic lubricants to stand up to the mechanical & physical stresses involved.  This is illustrated & proven in a variety of different types of racing.  Click below to see the different & entertaining racing series AMSOIL proudly supports!

AMSOIL Racing Series Supported & More!

That’s quite the variety…


Here’s Bobby Unser talking about his use & success with AMSOIL Synthetic lubrication!

Racing Ready is working on more AMSOIL informational articles & AMSOIL Racing initiatives…


P.S. – Review this bonus video – TORC (The Off Road Championship) racing for the 2010 AMSOIL Cup! Just click the VIMEO image below…

TORC (The Off Road Chanpionship) - Pursuing the AMSOIL Cup

Move Up To AMSOIL - Learn About the AMSOIL Synthetic Solution!

AMSOIL: Truly Cost & Performance Effective

Using AMSOIL Synthetic Oil is truly cost effective.
Look at the examples below for the DIY consumer:

Illustrating the Cost Effectiveness of AMSOIL !Initially, I had 2 selfish reasons to want to use AMSOIL for myself:

  • only have to change my oil just once a year (I’m lazy…)
  • only have to pay (less) for the annual cost, just once per year (see the detailed example above)

Talking to people about AMSOIL, I teach how they can get the following benefits:

  • enjoy a discount at the gas pumps
  • improve your engine’s performance
  • make the environment cleaner for your children and grandchildren

If you would like to save money, improve your MPG, reduce our country’s reliance on foreign oil, and have a healthier environment, see me for a free catalog.  Better yet, ask me about becoming a FREE, no obligation 6 month  AMSOIL Preferred Customer (a trial wholesale membership).

E-mail me about becoming an AMSOIL Dealer or AMSOIL Preferred Customer – buy at wholesale!

Here’s the annual oil change I did in my garage, this past March of 2011.  Karlino was just a couple hundred miles short of 15,000 miles!

AMSOIL 15K Mile Annual Oil Change at home with Karlino

Racing Ready knows you value your car more than the average driver.  AMSOIL will help you best to protect your investment.


Local Show & Shine ProSource Promo Event

Yesterday I participated in a Show & Shine event with Karlino.  One of my autocross buddies works for ProSource Wholesale Flooring, a premier wholesale supplier to the construction industry.  His business was having a special promotional sales event.  The Show & Shine was a fun way to promote & increase interest in the event.

ProSource Promo Show & Shine Event - quite the hot Mustang selection!

There were at least 28 cars in attendance:  many Mustangs, a few Miatas, some other Mazdas, an S2000, a Legends race car, a Corvette, a Subaru, & others…

ProSource Promo Show & Shine Event, over Karlino's hood...

The attendance was good & laid back.  The flooring choices were phenomenal & extensive!  Eric gave my wife & I a very informative education in wood flooring options & why to consider one type over another.

Eric's Mazdaspeed3 autocrosser & daily driver - Nice AMSOIL Racing signage!

Eric is displaying AMSOIL Racing stickers on the side of his 2010 Mazdaspeed3.  He is proud of his car’s AMSOIL synthetic lubrication & how it protects the engine, even during autocrossing.  As an FYI, Eric is one of my AMSOIL Preferred Customers – he is able to buy AMSOIL Product at wholesale prices!

Karlino,my AMSOIL-sponsored Miata autocrosser & daily driver, shining brilliantly!

If anyone is interested in quality flooring options for their home and/or business, give Eric a call.  Ask him about their low price guarantee – here’s his business card.

Eric's ProSource business card - Go ahead. give him a call!

Racing Ready enjoyed supporting a fellow autocrosser & showing how stock Karlino is.  The BBQ lunch was awesome, as well!


SASCA 2011 Autocross #3 – By Eric

This is my Contributing Blogger Extraordinaire Eric’s well-documented submition of last Sunday’s SASCA autocross event.  Enjoy!

This past weekend, I participated in SASCA’s third autocross of 2011, and the club’s second at Retama Park after a many year break.  Every time we change venues, a good crowd always shows up, with 91 drivers taking to the course despite a chilly, think 30s, start.

SASCA 2011 AutoX #3 - Drivers Meeting

More than past events, this one drew a wide variety of cars, with everything from a Street Modified, pro-touring style Buick GS with a 455 to this extremely clean Porsche 914.  This time, might triumphed over light, as they ended up first and second in class, respectively.

SASCA 2011 AutoX #3 - Vintage Porsche 914

Kevin, SASCA’s novice coordinator, designed the course both for Sunday’s event and Saturday’s extremely successful novice school.  Both were similar, with the competition course using elements of the school course but run in reverse.  Per the luck of the draw, Super Stock ran in the last heat, which would provide the best grip, with rising temperatures and grids of other cars cleaning off the surface.  Though not surprisingly, Drew and Steve in the red D Prepared Miata on the left side of this picture would end up with the two fastest raw times of the day.

SASCA 2011 AutoX #3 - The busy autocross grid...

After a great lunch at Rudy’s, it was finally our turn to run.  Jay and me, co-driving my 2001 Z06, was one of only two double driver cars, and with fast times in the mid-30 second range, the pace was brutal.

SASCA 2011 AutoX #3 - Eric's Corvette, Sunshine!

The course was characterized by offset gates, a couple of tight sweepers and a slalom with a weird entry, and I never got my rhythm quite right, with my early times in the high-35 to low-36 second range.  In the meantime, Jay was in the low-35s, eventually clicking off the 35.1 seen below, good enough for first place in Super Stock.

At last, after riding with him a couple times and improving my timing, I managed a 35.4.  Unfortunately for me, this would be third (aka last place) in my class, with Peter in his father’s Lotus sneaking in with a 35.2.  Granted, .3 seconds covering a field isn’t a heck of a lot, and it was fun running against both of them.

SASCA 2011 AutoX #3 - 3 directional autocross cones

Special mention must be made of Federico, whose yellow Boxster is seen below, sporting a fresh AMSOIL Racing decal courtesy of Racing Ready Oil.  He ran in the Street Prepared class last year, but has started down the slippery slope to Super Street Modified-dom, stripping out the car and preparing a swap to a 3.6 liter motor.  He faces some stiff competition, including this week’s SSM winner Beth in her brutal 3-rotor RX7, and I can’t wait to see his car go once he’s done with it.

SASCA 2011 AutoX #3 - Federico's SSM Porsche Boxter - with AMSOIL Racing livery!

See everyone at the Tour in two weeks, when Jay and I will exchange the 60+ run Hoosiers for the fresh set of stickers in my garage.  And if Dan lets me, I’ll be blogging about it all right here.

Eric, of course I’ll be looking forward to a nicely descriptive blog series!  In addition, Eric has offered to carry the Racing Ready “colors” on the sides of his car.  The Racing Ready logo will  look great on Eric’s Sunshine.  It should also bring more of you readers here.

Till then,


AMSOIL Monster Truck – Shocks & Entertains

Having been an Independent AMSOIL Dealer for a little over 1 year, I’ve come to appreciate the effective methods employed to promote the AMSOIL message:

  • improved performance
  • economics of cost maintenance
  • environmental responsibility

In addition, they really like to have fun in their sponsorship opportunities.  AMSOIL is involved in many types of racing series & here’s a new one – MONSTER TRUCKS!

Here’s the AMSOIL Shock Therapy Monster Truck!

AMSOIL Monster Truck - AMSOIL Shock Therapy

That’s quite the amount of air that Chevy Monster Truck is getting in the photo above!  This was from the Advanced AutoParts Monster Jam.  This took place in Detroit on January 8th, 2011.  Visit: AMSOIL Monster Trucks – Sudden Impact – you’ll learn SO much more of this showcasing opportunity of entertainment from AMSOIL!

Check out this video – it’s fun stuff:

Racing Ready suggests you consider the serious benefits gained by using AMSOIL synthetic lubricants:

  • save money at the gas pump/economics of cost maintenance
  • improved MPG & engine performance
  • environmental responsibility/enjoy a healthier environment
  • reduce our reliance on foreign oil

By the way, AMSOIL Shock Therapy is an actual product…

AMSOIL Shock Therapy - Performance Suspension Fluid

Please contact me for more AMSOIL details: #210-884-0244 /


AutoX Competitiveness, Eric’s Striving Saga

Once again, Eric, my Contributing Blogger Extraordinaire came through with a great review of the SPOKES/SASCA Autocross Co-Event, which took place last Sunday, November 14th, 2010.  I continue to enjoy Eric’s literary style – I’m sure you will, too.

This past Sunday, I participated in the SASCA/Spokes combined autocross at San Antonio Raceway.  As you can see from the picture of the driver’s meeting, it was fairly cold by Texas standards, starting off in the forties and only climbing into the mid-50s as the day went on.

Brisk drivers meeting, the start of the SPOKES/SASCA 11/2010 AutoX...

Of course, with me being me, I forgot to bring a jacket and spent most of the event rubbing my arms together to keep them warm.  And, of course, I remembered to bring my tire sprayer!  It’s a necessity at most autocrosses down here, but went unused this month.

As usual, my main competition in Super Stock was Peter in his father Ray’s silver Lotus Elise.  As his car was on Toyo R888s and mine was on some old RA1s, I figured the cars were a decent match.

Peter's Lotus Elise, on grid at the SPOKES/SASCA 11/2010 AutoX

But what I wasn’t counting on was the cold affecting my traction that much.  It felt like there was a decent amount of grip out there, but every attempt I made at using my car’s last tenth was rewarded with a boggle or a push through a cone.  Or a spin, as it were in two instances.  Thus, Peter would end up owning me by almost two full seconds.

It wasn’t just me getting chilled by the weather, as you can see from this picture of Tom’s Z car with its own jacket, attempting to keep some heat in the front tires.

Tom's Z car, trying to keep warmth in its tires at the SPOKES/SASCA AutoX Co-Event.

While it wasn’t much of a competition for me, at least I got to give some newbies rides and enjoy the varied machinery that fills the grid of a Spokes or SASCA event, including this beautiful yellow Porsche.

Subtly sweet, golden yellow Porsche coupe at the November 2010, SPOKES/SASCA AutoX Co-Event

One of my passengers even claimed that my car was the most fun ride he’d had at the event.

Eric's ride, Sunshine, his Corvette - on grid at the SPOKES/SASCA AutoX event of 11/2010

Oh well, it’s time for me to hit the tire shop and the alignment rack to see if I can provide that Lotus with something to run against next month.  If I finish second to Peter again, and my math is right, I believe we’ll tie for points and he’ll get the class win for the season because he has more wins.  Anyway, thanks again to Dan for letting me blog in his place, and hopefully he won’t party so late that he can’t make our last event of the year!

Thanks again Eric!  And yes, I DO plan on participating as a competing participant of the next SASCA/SPOKES Autocross Co-Event.  Karlino, Racing Ready & Ready Oil will all be there!  This event will take place at the Blossom Athletic Center parking lot, on Sunday, December 5th, 2010.  We’ll see you there!