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AMSOIL Fluids Replacement Challenge

I was partially successful in my upgrade to AMSOIL fluids in my Miata, Karlino.
They say 2 out of 3 ain’t bad…

I was able to switch out the rear diff gear lube & the motor oil with AMSOIL products, but I could not get the square fill hole nut for the transmission to budge.  I tried a couple of different methods but was not successful.  Even though the car was up on stable jack stands, I’ll have to say I was a bit in fear of my life under there.  So, I will have to take it to a local AMSOIL dealer who owns a quick lube shop nearby.

Karlino Miata "jacked up" in the garage...

Now I know why guys hate changing oil on Miatas, there is no one easy way to get at the oil filter.  I went in from the top & even had a decent filter “socket” for my lug wrench.  But, it was still an ordeal to both remove & replace.  Note the oil filter “rash” on my arm below…

Miata oil filter "rash"...

As to participation in tomorrow’s autocross, I’m thinking I will have to pass, unfortunately.  The inside treads of ALL 4 of my tires are almost smooth.  Now I know the next item to save up for, while I still have to pay off the fuel pump repair.

Today’s “self-mechanic” experience taught me something today – I’d never make it as a mechanic.  I’m so damn slow…  at least Racing Ready tries to make up for that slowness with speed behind the wheel on the autocross course.


Chrono-X Progress & Vendor Co-Promotion

This past Saturday was an interesting day.  I made a road trip up to Harris Hill Road (H2R), not for an event, but for some future co-promotion business discussion.

There is usually available a back country shortcut to Harris Hill Road, from the I-35 exit #205.  But not yesterday.  The huge quantities of rain from the past couple of days cut off the low water crossing bypass.  Therefore, I had to take the Rt. 21 road to H2R.  In doing so I passed the nearby entrance of the San Marcos Municipal Airport.  I noticed some tower construction updates in the distance, that I’ll mention here later in the week.

I met with Steven Johnson, who, besides doing many different duties at H2R, has been assigned the task of coordinating their website updates & promoting Chrono-X (so far, on Facebook, for now).  He’s already put a lot of work into this.  To read more about Chrono-X details, please check out the classing, registration & rules at the links below.

Steven is continuing to fine tune & get more details set up for Chrono-X.  The Chrono-X website is…coming soon!  He’s very enthused about it.

The real big deal is the kick off to this whole series of time trial events – the Dyno Day/Test & Tune for the 2010 series, coming up this February 20th.  There will be an HPDE in the morning & early afternoon in the various run groups.  They will traverse the track in both in clockwise & counter-clockwise directions, for a total of FIVE 20-minute sessions.  You’ll be able to dyno your car.  If you want to only spectate, but still do a “dyno pull”, I’m told they’ll charge only $50 (you’ll need to sign up to reserve your slot, contact Chrono-X at:!.  For entertainment, San Antonio Drift will be doing a drift exhibition during the mid day lunch break.  There will be race-enthusiast vendors there, too. And, even some “eye candy”!

The registrations have just started to come in.  Steven tells me the chatter on various forums is picking up this Chrono-X event & giving it some great mileage.  Suffice it to say, Racing Ready will be there, and not just in blogger mode.  A presence of something needed by all vehicle owners will be represented.

Racing Ready continues to push forward the racing activity & participation in the motorsport community.