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Brianne Corn is the best kind of racer:
– as competitive as all get out!
– willing to bend over backward to help you out
She is a multi-talented racer, having raced successfully in local, regional & national autocross events, in off-road rally events from Michigan to Mexico, in the Pikes Peak Int’l Hill Climb on both motorcycles & AWD Time Attack classes, is a member of the Texas 200MPH club (on a motorcycle!) & has set a world record at Bonneville.
Brianne has helped to form the Texas RallyCross racing league & formed a rally driving school.
In addition to all these well-rounded racer capabilities, she is SO down to earth & friendly. She easily makes good friends wherever she goes.
Besides Facebook, you can visit her website to learn more at:

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Brianne Corn Trailblazes H2R RallyCross Track

I recently shared quality RallyCross track time with Brianne Corn at Harris Hill Road (H2R).  She & H2R manger Philipp Hübner are developing a fun, but definitely challenging course on the H2R Property.  Some of it is planned for outside of their road course track, but the challenging variety of RallyCross driving features are mostly included within the track’s interior.  The area has been mostly left to grow as nature intended it, as you can see below…

Harris Hill Road - note the RallyCross course opportunities!

Brianne’s growing RallyCross experience has led her to carve out a course many will find to be both surprising & focus-driven.  Using one of H2R’r track mules, a Nissan Pathfinder, I was able to experience the initial guise of this wild track course.

H2R Nissan Pathfinder mule-tow vehicle

With the variety of multiple turns & course undulations, & the limited power of their banged up SUV, we may have not been going more than 35MPH.  But with Brianne pushing the limits of the track & SUV, it was a great ride!  We all know Brianne to be a superb competitor, but being so down to earth, she makes you feel extremely comfortable while bouncing through all those truck vehicle suspension crashes.  Check out the almost 2 lap (handheld camera phone) video.  Yes, it’s herky-jerky, but you will be able to really appreciate what Brianne & Philipp are working on.  You will want to experience this RallyCross course for yourself soon!

In discussing this new RallyCross feature for H2R, Bo Rivers stated this will be for H2R members only.  That may be what he says, but I can’t see people keeping away.  They will be wanting to pay for the privilege of traversing a RallyCross track at speed that was strongly influenced by the hand of Brianne Corn.

Regardless, this effort is another chapter in Brianne’s ongoing journey through her life’s racing dream.  Racing Ready heartily endorses her continued visionary efforts!  GO BRIANNE GO!


P.S. – In an effort to be accurate & in the interests of full disclosure, in the video I mis-quoted.  I said that John Buffum brought his Audi Quattro to H2R 8 years ago.  Actually, it was James Bufkin & he brought his Audi Quattro 5 years ago.   Here’s the page link I found that documents this in the days before H2R was paved…

James Bufkin's Audi Quattro doing rally practice at H2R in 2007

Below is a quick video from that rally practice day, for course features comparison:

Brianne Corn 2012 Pikes Peak Video – Worth The Wait!

Super competitive racer, Brianne Corn, released her 2012 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC) video.  Here’s what she had to say about our wait for her epic run video:

I think there were four life flights that day.  One crash caused a 90 minute delay which caused us to run in the rain.  In fact it was our friends that crashed and when we left the line the rumors were flying around the start line as to the extent of their injuries.  I think Jeremy was a little shaken up by the situation.

The weather turned at the last minute and we were told to swap to our rain tires by the race officials.  We were sitting at the line and had no opportunity to scrub them in.  It was a very interesting ride and one of the best times I have had in the drivers seat in a while.

That is until the windshield fogged up.  This was also compounded by the fact that I was experiencing slightly blurred vision from an allergic reaction to something in the air below the tree line.

I hope you like the blending of fan video with our in car stuff. I had to learn how to do some complex (at least to me) audio mixing /editing to put this together. Hope it was worth the wait.

Here it is:

You also need to be informed of this.  Brianne had her car lubricated by AMSOIL Racing Oil.  We are proud to be one her very enthusiastic sponsors.  Even if you aren’t a race car competitor, you too can also take advantage of the benefits of using AMSOIL 100% Synthetic Oil:

  • Make greater performance in the power output of your vehicle
  • Improve your gas mileage with better MPG – a discount at the gas pump
  • Reduce waste oil’s environmental impact on the environment

These are the actual AMSOIL products being used in Brianne Corn's Pikes Peak Subaru STi race car for 2012!

At the end of her video I was pleased at the Racing Ready & AMSOIL mention on the trailing “Thanks to…” credits.  That was a great surprise – thanks Brianne!

Brianne Corn 2012 Pikes Peak Sponsors - AWESOME Racing Ready & AMSOIL mentions!!

Racing Ready is always supportive of the grassroots motorsports racer!
Go Brianne Go!!!


Brianne Corn Challenges Mother Nature – Earns Pikes Peak Queen, Again!

Brianne Corn Racing logo on Brianne Corn's 2005 Subaru Sti! at 2012 Pikes Peak

For those of you following Brianne Corn‘s racing campaign up the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC), I will have to say we are just a little bit disappointed.  Mother Nature did her best to skew the racing conditions, but navigator Jeremy Rowland says it best:

You play the hand you’re dealt and Brianne stepped up to the task. Pikes Peak is a fickle lady and this year she was with Rhys Millen who won not only our class but the race overall. Horrific crash by some friends of ours (both ok) caused a 90 minute delay while we were at the start line and left us racing in freezing rain. Even a cautious “Sunday drive” gave us the 2nd fastest wet lap and 5th in class. As the announcer said, “separating the women from the boys.”

Our time was 12:01, 5 seconds slower than last year’s time in ideal conditions (with 2 miles of gravel and a slower car).

Did I mention the windshield was completely fogged over from Devil’s Playground up? You guys will get a kick out of the in-car video when it’s up in a couple days.

Brianne Corn's 2005 Subaru Sti - taking a wet turn at speed on Pikes Peak 2012

Owner of Vorshlag Motorsports, Terry Fair, summed up Brianne’s result very succinctly:

Congrats to Brianne for taking 5th in very wet conditions (for her runs) and for winning Queen of the Mountain at Pikes Peak 2012.

Another Facebook poster (Joe Franciamone) said, I think, what we all feel about Brianne’s results:

I know there must be some disappointment on the weather being such a picky $#&%, but the commentators were really giving some huge praise when you came around (16 mile I believe) using perfect timing on braking/throttle/turbo spool (all were mentioned), and then compared how the next drivers were not going in or exiting the turns nearly as fast or clean.  Great job you guys!

Brianne Corn's 2005 Subaru Sti, at speed , racing by in the rain at 2012 Pikes Peak

The video of Brianne Corn Racing’s run up to the clouds, complete with rain, & more., will be forthcoming.  I will post it in the next blog entry (or so)…  So, in lieu of that video, here’s a great interview of Brianne at Pikes Peak in 2009 – lot’s of great insight & inspiration on her part here!

Here’s a video teaser of Brianne drive-bys , thru Gilly’s Corner, to whet your appetite!

Racing Ready is proud to have supported Brianne Corn’s PPIHC racing event with AMSOIL products!  You too can find out what AMSOIL products would be appropriate for you vehicle, whether it be a racer or your daily driver!  Just visit the AMSOIL Online Product Application Guide for a look-see… 🙂

Inquiring minds want to know!



Prep For Brianne Corn’s 2012 Pikes Peak Int’l Hill Climb With AMSOIL

Brianne Corn's 2005 Subaru Sti - sponsored by AMSOIL Racing via!

Since Brianne Corn is running AMSOIL Racing products in her 2005 Subaru Impeza WRX Sti (AWD, 2.5L Turbo), it is worthwhile to learn why.  At Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC), AMSOIL used the “Race to the Clouds” as a proving ground for its products.  This was since the late 1960’s when Bobby Unser was setting records on the mountain.

Bobby Unser & AMSOIL Racing - Both achieving winning results through innovation!

Here’s Bobby describing the racing success he achieved due to switching his rear differential fluid to AMSOIL in the grueling Pikes Peak competition:

From another interview Bobby Unser mentions AMSOIL & synthetic oil innovator Al Amatuzio; how they had AMSOIL synthetic gear oil help in better running & performance in the race car’s rear end:

Well, this is not my first Pike’s Peak car.  The first one that I drove at Pike’s Peak, Al (Unser Sr.) has in the museum, but this is the first one that I ever owned myself. Of course, it’s gone through many modifications.

The frame is very light. The total car only weighs 1,350 pounds. That’s wet and ready to race. That was just barely within the rules of what they allowed in those days.  The rear end, of course, is special as I described to you earlier. It’s got special gears in it. Basically, it’s 1948 Ford parts in there. The reason for that is because it’s very small and very light, again.

This is where I told you I became associated with Amsoil, Al Amatuzio, the synthetic oil, because the rear end, engine got so powerful it was tearing up the rear ends.

We had to get a special lubricant, either that or design another rear end. Then it would’ve been heavier and we’d gone slower.  Everything on the car is made to be as light as the technology would allow in those days.

I told you that Amsoil, one of the big innovators in lubricants, first really big truly synthetic oils, lubricants that are made.  Al Amatuzio and I became very good friends. He was a new company, and he knew synthetic products. He knew how to make them. It’s all chemicals.

We’d start playing on the Pike’s Peak stuff. So I could tune my rear end to do the things that was good for the open tube and yet, good for the turning, and do it easy, and have the things last longer.

[Excerpted from: Full Length Interview w/Bobby Unser]

With AMSOIL Racing sponsorship provided to Brianne Corn Racing by Racing Ready, Brianne is continuing the AMSOIL tradition of innovation & success.  We are following Brianne‘s anticipated results in tomorrow’s PPIHC competition.  She is car #968!  As a reference, here’s last year’s Brianne Corn Racing footage:

I have been trying to find a definitive live link for tomorrow’s 90th running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.  I REALLY want to follow Brianne Corn’s racing pursuit live, especially to see if she can achieve a 2nd AWD Time Attack class win in a row!

Here are the links I have found, thus far – I make no guarantees as to which will work.  (Coverage will be starting at 9:00AM Mountain Time):

Hope these help! supports Brianne Corn with AMSOIL Racing!  GO BRIANNE GO!

Racing Ready is looking forward to a safe & competitive racing event at Pikes Peak tomorrow.

Brianne Corn's 2005 Subaru Sti - Final 2012 pre-race Pikes Peak tuning session



Brianne Corn Preps for 2012 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

I have always admired Brianne Corn‘s sincere & eager push to compete in all forms of racing she has entered.  Here she is on her way to winning the AWD Time Attack class at the Pikes Peak last year (2011 – the last year with a partial dirt course – it’s all asphalt this year).

Brianne Corn - racing drive by at Pikes Peak, 2011

Two week ago today I received a message on Facebook from Brianne Corn, competitive racer extraordinaire.  She simply asked:

Hi Dan.
Are you interested in being the fluids sponsor for the Pikes Peak car this year?

Well, as an up & coming Independent AMSOIL Dealer, I wasted no time in getting this set up.  Since then we coordinated & came to an agreement.  Brianne will now be representing AMSOIL Racing, via Racing Ready sponsorship assistance, at Pikes Peak.  We are so proud to support such a positive & competitive racer!

Brianne, & her much better modified 2005 Subaru WRX STi & her AMSOIL Synthetics products are now in the vicinity of  Colorado Springs.  She & her support team are going through final preparations for the 90th running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb competition.  The event date is this coming Sunday, August 12rh, 2012.

Pikes Peak International Hill Climb logo

This past Saturday I called Brianne & was privileged to hear her gush enthusiastically about her greatly improved race car.  This was the 1st time Brianne had seen her car in person for at least 3 months.  As she walked around the car, phone to her ear, she listed a number of racer ooohs & aaahs:

  • completely replaced & improved suspension (by AWD Tuning)
  • 2″ wider tires than last year (with nicely done custom fender extensions)
  • now about 500HP (last year the car had about 350HP)
  • they have taken every opportunity to lighten & stiffen the car
  • 3″ stainless steel exhaust pipe, from header to tailpipe – no muffler!
  • turbo & headers well wrapped in gold foil & thermal wrap
  • upgraded rear differential
  • and more!

Terry Fair (Principal of Vorshlag) & Jason McDaniel (Brianne’s Crew Chief) & the other folks at Vorshlag Motorsports have done a great job of completely reincarnating Brianne’s Sti Subaru race car.

Brianne Corn's 2005 Subaru Sti with 'ghosted' engine thru hood shot, at Vorshlag Motorsports

Brianne Corn's 2005 Subaru Sti - waiting for scrutineering, in preparation for the Pikes Peak Int'l Hill Climb

I will post clearer car images when they are made available.  For details of Brianne’s car build, go to this Vorshlag Motorsports build blog posting…good stuff here!

Brianne Corn's 2005 Subaru Sti - practice driveby - 08-08-12

Today Brianne finally got out to practice & reacquaint herself with her new race car.  Her Subbie is definitely a “new beast” as witnessed in this Vorshlag Motorsports shakedown run at Mineral Wells at the end of last week.  Enjoy the anticipated winning ways for Brianne as Terry Fair tests her car in this video below (click image to play)!

Brianne's Pikes Peak Subaru test run - 08-03-2012

I’m SO very happy for Brianne & anticipate some good results!  Racing Ready is inspired by Brianne’s perseverance.  I am also confident in the role that the AMSOIL synthetic oil & other products she is using will assist in her success.

vThese are the actual AMSOIL products being used in Brianne Corn's Pikes Peak Subaru STi race car for 2012!


Splitter is 'Brianne Tough'!



First Texas RallySport at Brianne Corn Raceway

Texas RallySport logo

In Maxwell, Texas, about 2 miles ESE of the Mazda Raceway at Harris Hill (& near the San Marcos Municipal Airport), Brianne Corn has her own little slice of rally competition heaven.  It’s her Brianne Corn Raceway (the BCR, as well as her shop).  She’s been at/on this property (blazing trails with various rally style cars – mostly Subarus) for about 5 years & made it official about three years ago with the property owner.


As you can see, with that huge muffler out front, all things are bigger in Texas.  I was surprised & pleased at the turnout of fans & competitors for this premiere RallyCross event.

A good variety of 2WD & 4WD vehicles showed up for the inaugural Texas RallySport event at Brianne Corn Raceway in Maxwell, TX

I met James Wilson, the impetus behind  He has dedicated all his occupational pursuits to this effort!  Both he & Brianne have been actively involved in a variety of autocross & other grassroots racing pursuits.  They both share the passion for the sport of Rally driving & racing.  They are both working hard to restore & grow interest in the sport throughout Texas.

TexasRallySport - map logo

James Willson & Brianne Corn facilitating the Drivers' Meeting in her BCR shop

On Saturday, January 21, 2012, I arrived just prior to 9am, on this chilly crisp, but sunny morning.  Technical inspection & registration were just about finishing up.  As this was the first of these events, things were scheduled on a “lets see how this turns out & move forward” basis.  This was a learning experience for all – the relaxed atmosphere was good.

The Drivers' Meeting grouping at the BCR Texas RallySport event

Next was the drivers meeting, followed by a Novice course walk through & orientation for just about everybody, conducted by Brianne, of course.

Brianne Corn giving pointers during the Novice orientation walkthrough at BCR

Brianne Corn leading the Novice orientation group through the course she's created at BCR

In addition to the dirt/clay surface, you didn’t want to stray off the the course.  You would be inviting a tire puncture from the indigenous Mesquite that is always growing in this region of Texas.  Those thorns are a very stiff 3/4″ to 1″ plus long – OUCH!

Unforgiving, thorny Texas Mesquite - at Brianne Corn Raceway!

After that, the morning run group (2WD) gathered on grid & started to feel out what it was like to “do it in the dirt”.  I was up on the elevated timing & scoring trailer & got this panorama shot of Brianne’s course area.  (Click image for full size…)

Vista of Branne Corn Raceway

I made my way around the course to see the action.  It was slow going through that Mesquite brush – I sure wish I had a machete…  One competitor was autocross & Harris Hill Road regular Jon Etkins.  Here’s a still shot of his “2 person bus” Miata slinging around the midway “pin” turn, followed by a bumper cam video he posted:

Jon Etkins smoothly swinging his 'Bus 4 2' Miata, at the Texas RallySport event at BCR

Here’s what Jon had to say:

I decided to take a break from the usual track work this weekend, for a track of a different sort. Enjoy.

My fastest run of the day, on the way to victory in 2WD and 6th place outright in the inaugural Texas Rally Sports RallyCross at Brianne Corn Raceway just outside San Marcos.

Here’s another competitor in a Ford Rental Racer – note the artful use of blue painters tape…

Rental Ford Focus barreling into the pin turn, at Brianne Corn Raceway

Jon’s driving style was a great example of smooth is fast.  In contrast, Brianne offers no mercy, pushing her car to its limits & beyond.  I’m guessing that is one of the many differences of piloting a 2WD vs. a 4WD in these conditions.  Check out her favorite picture of the event, followed by her fastest run video:

Brianne Corn AT SPEED at Texas Rally Sport at BCR!

Here are Brianne’s comments:

I was running in the AWD Rally class in my Rally America Open Light Impreza. I have a welded center diff in the car that prevents me from using the hand brake for the pin turn. It would just lock up all 4 wheels. Other than that it was a good run.

Of course, even with 2 cones, she got TTD (top time of day)!

James Wilson, and his Team of ever-willing volunteers, ran a good show.  Both traditional & state of the art timing & scoring tools were used.

James Wilson & Team working the timing & scoring (elevated) trailer

Texas Rally Sport timing & scoring equipment at Brianne Corm Raceway

As you can infer, I did not compete in Karlino.  I figured the 13 year old suspension would not be up to that possible punishment.  Besides, this NB Miata is my daily driver.

Karlino, safely in the weeds, waiting it out at the Texas RallyCross event at Brianne Corn Raceway...

I also did not avail myself to any ride-alongs, but in retrospect I should have.  Observing from the sidelines, I noted the course was about 70 to 80 seconds in length (but some were faster).  Watching the vehicles speed through the brush, the overall speed seemed a bit slower than on a paved autocross parking lot.  Part of that was due to the fact that the brush & uneven clay surface absorbed much of the engine & other mechanical sounds.  Also, obviously, there were no sounds of tire squeal.  I’m sure Brianne’s speed was up there, & beyond some!

Brianne Corn demonstrating her ''Never give up - Get 'er done' conviction!

The event did not go off completely without some issues.  A few cars’ tires popped off of their rims & a couple of vehicles performed atypical maneuvers which resulted in some cracked windshields & rippled sheet metal.  Only the drivers’ prides were hurt – all were safe & had a good time!

Texas RallySport has spawned.  It should be even better with their next event at Texas World Speedway (TWS) just outside of College Station, TX.  This will take place next month on Saturday, February 18, 2012.  Racing Ready knows more off road challenges will continue…

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