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Brianne Corn is the best kind of racer:
– as competitive as all get out!
– willing to bend over backward to help you out
She is a multi-talented racer, having raced successfully in local, regional & national autocross events, in off-road rally events from Michigan to Mexico, in the Pikes Peak Int’l Hill Climb on both motorcycles & AWD Time Attack classes, is a member of the Texas 200MPH club (on a motorcycle!) & has set a world record at Bonneville.
Brianne has helped to form the Texas RallyCross racing league & formed a rally driving school.
In addition to all these well-rounded racer capabilities, she is SO down to earth & friendly. She easily makes good friends wherever she goes.
Besides Facebook, you can visit her website to learn more at:

Ready for 2012 for Racing? I Wannabe!

2011 was a relatively lackluster year here at… I will admit I lacked speed passion!  It was also a tough year for motorsports…

Dan Wheldon - 1978 - 2011 - Rest In Peace...

I DO have some plans for 2012.  I hadn’t participated in actual autocross running since this past summer when I co-drove my Contributing Blogger’s hot, yellow Corvette – that was FUN!  Thanks again, Eric!!!

This past weekend, my good friend Brianne Corn has brought RallyCross competition to South/Central Texas.  I was there, & will blog about it.  For now, I will say it was VERY interesting!

TexasRallySport logo

Next, I’ve volunteered to be the SASCA January 2012 autocross course designer at Retama Park.  I’ve done a few courses at the previous AT&T Center parking lot (3 years ago) & more recently at the NEISD parking lot.  This is my first time creating a course at Retama Park.  As usual, it will be an interesting challenge & I may have a surprise, or 2.

Skyview of Retama Park lot, 2012 SASCA Autocross Venue

Although I will still keep my 1999 Mazda Miata, Karlino, in the stock CS class, I may be able to make some upgrades to Karlino that could make it more competitive, later in the year.  We shall see…

Karlino getting unexpected tire(s) replaced! [December 2011]

There will be other new & exciting events I don’t know about yet, but we ALL know about the Austin Formula 1 USGP, scheduled for next November 18, 2012!!!  WooHoo – WOOT!

Racing Ready is getting ready for a new & VERY interesting New Year.  May it be a HAPPY one for you all!


Racing – A Passion Found & Being Pursued

I have blogged about Brianne Corn a couple of times here:

Good shot of Brianne Corn at Pike's Peak - Summer 2009

Here’s a snippet of a good, in-depth article that just came out today from her hometown newspaper, the Austin American-Statesman:

We all reach a time in our lives when we figure it out. We wander, and stumble, chasing this or that. Then something happens to make us snap to attention. Aha! That’s what I was meant to do.

It happened to Brianne Corn, 40, five years ago when she was driving up a narrow mountain road in Italy with a pack of racers on her bumper. She sped up. Pure exhilaration followed. Her purpose in life became clear: She had to become a race-car driver. It’s a pipe dream for most because of the expense, but Corn, then a broke college student who’d lived much of her life without purpose or direction, knew she would find a way. And she has.

“It’s an internal thing,” she says. “You tell yourself, ‘Dammit, go get the life you’ve always dreamed.’ “

Here’s the link to this good article:  Racer finds her passion behind the wheel

This article was written by Ricardo Gandara – below is another article he published about autocrossing:  A Safe Bet, If It’s Speed You Need

In addition to her focused pursuit of her dream, Brianne is still a wonderful person to talk to.  She’s not too focused on the activities at hand to spend a few moments in pleasant conversation with you.

Brianne ready for her next run - cool helmet!

Racing Ready is proud (& a little jealous) of people like Brianne.  She has made her racing choice in life & is pursuing it full speed ahead!

Keep us in the loop, Brianne…


Brianne’s Pikes Peak Adventure

I just received an e-mail from Kevin, Brianne Corn‘s brother.  Brianne is heading to compete as an independent racer at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb!

The e-mail text says it better than I:

Brianne, my sister has been accepted to compete in the 87th Annual Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

She is doing this almost entirely by herself in an event that usually involves corporate and local sponsorships. Wes and Jen have gotten the ball rolling in an effort to help support Brianne through this adventure and I am in turn asking you for help in what ever capacity you can. This has all come about with short notice and are helping her in whatever way we can. Below is a link to the blog with more info and ways you can help.

I’m starting a blog for Brianne. Wes and I had the idea to have a sort of raffle. There is a donation button on the blog and for every $20 people donate, their name goes into a drawing for fabulous stuff. They can donate less but the raffle would be an incentive to donate more.


Brianne will do well, of that I’m sure.  The only limits will be her equipment & her budget to support same.  Racing Ready is lending its support by spreading the word.  See what you can do…someday you’ll be able to say, “I knew Brianne when…”


Dragon Racer Lashes Out At Autocross

What takes 3 people to manage, is fluorescent orange/yellow in color, & is ferociously loud…?  Some very special “cars” show up at autocross events.  Here’s a case in point from the recent SPOKES 2009 Autocross #5.

It’s the Dragon! This unique racing vehicle has seen serious autocross & SCCA Solo II Nationals competition.   It’s not streetable, but a dedicated racing competition machine.  This purpose built race car sports a RX1100 Yamaha Super Bike engine putting out upwards of 175HP.  With such little weight, it sure scoots!

The Dragon is co-driven by Brianne Corn (featured here previously), Tommy Saunders (Tommy’s a 5 time National Champion) & Jason.  These guys are all serious, but it seems like they have time to make it fun, too.  Here’s a video of one of Jason’s runs.

Here’s a another video of the Dragon & Brianne’s current autocross ride, a 2005 Subaru WRX STi.  This sure shows how “on the edge” driving the Dragon can be.

As usual Brianne put in an awesome effort…here’s her video proof:

Here’s what she had to say about this run:

This is my second fastest run of the day. I DNFed the good one!  Driving this car is a really amazing experience.  I started wearing a neck collar because I am getting mild whiplash from driving it…

Toward the end of the day Brianne shared with me that her most recent run garnered top time of day & top PAX.  Then Tommy went out and just beat her time & announced that it was time to pack up the car & put it in the trailer.  She was upset, to say the least, as she had one more run to go!

Racing Ready is braced for future neck snapping updates!