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Articles pertaining to the Circuit of The Americas, the racing & other high end entertainment & sports medicine facility being built in Austin, TX. This facility will host Formla1 racing, as well as the MotoGP series & other racing events.

Austin F1 USGP/COTA Site Visit, June ’11, Part 2

Last weekend’s Austin visit was very worthwhile, with an Austin USGP Formula1, COTA theme.   Yesterday I documented some different track construction developments on the COTA site.   Today’s post chronicles the Wild Bubba’s Meet, Greet & Eat social gathering of like-minded Austin friends of Formula 1. This is the second installment:

Part 2 – The social gathering of Austin-area F1 fans, Saturday evening…

Wild Bubba's Meet, Greet & Eat Banner

Meeting Bubba of “Speed City, TX” (aka Wild Bubba’s Exotic Game Grill in Elroy, TX), was a pleasant experience.  He is a tall, charming & sincere Texas gentleman.

Wild Bubba & Racing Ready Dan at the Meet, Greet & Eat, June 11, 2011

He put on this Meet, Greet & Eat event that was openly received by fans of the Austin area/region.  There were between 50 to 60 people in attendance at The Hitchin’ Post, in SE Austin.

Wild Bubba's Meet, Greet & Eat at the Hitchin' Post

I was able to meet up with many influential Formula 1 friends & ardent supporters.

Wild Bubba's Meet, Greet & Eat at the Hitchin' Post patio

Besides race fans, there was a visit from the Red Bull girls…

Red Bull Girls & F1 fans @ Wild Bubba's Meet, Greet & Eat

To make it even more interesting, Stefan brought a significant amount of Formula1 memorabilia from his attic to display.  There was some cool stuff, as you can see!

Formula1 memorabilia table by Stefan & Angel...

Food was aplenty – sausage & hot dogs with sauerkraut, as well as Kobe style burgers.  It was bring your own German) beer, but Bubba had more beers, soda & water for the asking.  Bubba is in the planning stages for an even bigger event this coming October – an Oktoberfest – Wild Bubba Formula1 style!  I’ll tell you this – I’m already there!

Sondra & I discussing the strategic vision of Formula1 in Austin

Tomorrow will be Part 3, the coverage of the Montreal Formula 1 race watching party.  Racing Ready will see you then…


Austin F1 USGP/COTA Site Visit, June ’11, Part 1

This past weekend’s visit to Austin was very fruitful, in an Austin USGP Formula1, COTA (Circuit of The Americas) sort of way.  The events & happenings were distinct in their own right.  I will present in them in 3 parts.  Here is the first installment:

Part 1 – Track site visit, around COTA, afternoon…

Construction of the track moves steadily forward. Exiting Highway 130 onto FM 812, the distant vista of the developing track 2 miles away is impressive.  But driving past the site was a bit disorienting.

Please note, to best enjoy these shots, especially the panoramic views,
click on them to enlarge, then click on the image to see even more details!

COTA vista from near Hwy 130 & FM 812

When I last visited, 7 months ago, the track site was fully covered in Central Texas mesquite & scrub brush.  In it’s place was a great wall of dirt, much of it very much higher than than the original grade.  I took a panoramic shot from the same location back on my November 2010 visit, prior to the COTA track site groundbreaking in December 2010.


Austin USGP Formula 1 Track Site - Before panorama, from the south, looking north, nortwest!


After panorama shot from June 11. 2011 of COTA site - looking north across FM 812

Although I had no special COTA construction site access, I was able to find a few out-of-the-way locations to snap up some different site progress construction shots.  Like many of you, I have seen quite a few pictures already taken.  But seeing the Circuit of The Americas site in person was very inspiring.

Circuit of The Americas construction site signage - announcing proudly to the world!

Two-dimensional images cannot convey the vast amount of dirt being moved, the surprising amount of land elevation changes – just the whole grand scale of this work is quite a lot to take in & absorb. The COTA site takes advantage of the natural variety of Elroy, Texas topography.

COTA Turn 11 gate - see the little flag in the middle indicating the turn number...

I was able to traverse an unmarked,very rocky back road that revealed turn 11 (that’s the number 11 on the flag in the photo above).  Wow, the viewing area from this location will be awesome.  I’m thinking you can see at least 3/4s of the track from there!

COTA view from near turn 11, looking generally SW, toward the start/finish line...

So you can witness that Karlino & I were there, check out this view!

COTA sweeping overview from near turn 11, with Karlino looking on...

A truck would have been much more appropriate to traverse this rocky country lane.  As it was, I was feathering 1st gear slowly & felt the rocks scrape Karlino‘s belly a few times.  The sacrifices I make… 😉

Country lane west of Elroy Road, just south of Jacobson Road - this is access to the Turn 11 gate..JPG

The construction crew is now working 7 days a week.  With a June 17, 2012 Formula1 USGP event to put on in about a year, they need to be crackin’!

COTA view of parked graders & other construction equipment...

We stopped by the original Wild Bubba’s eatery.  Of course it was closed for the Meet, Greet & Eat event held later that evening.  Here are some views of his establishment.

Welcome Formula 1 sign outside Wild Bubba's Grill!

Wild Bubba's Grill in Elroy, TX - just to the easy of the Circuit of The Americas entrance

Karlino, my trusty Miata steed, enjoying the billboard menu outside Wild Bubba' Grill...

Racing Ready is wanting to get all of South/Central Texas ready for Formula 1 exposure.  I’m surprised that many people I meet have NO clue that Austin will be hosting this event, let alone. the COTA construction project.  I may as well try to make it my mission to inform all that I meet, in person & online!

Tomorrow will be Part 2, the Wild Bubba’s Meet, Greet & Eat social event.  See you then…


Wild Bubba’s Formula1 Meet, Greet & Eat

The Formula 1 Event of the Year for Texas!

This is a must attend event for those of you interested in the Formula1 Austin USGP (United States Grand Prix) at COTA (Circuit of The Americas)!  This is being brought to you by Wyman “Wild Bubba” Gilliam.

Wyman 'Wild Bubba' Gilliam

The announcement this past week of the June 17 2012 date for the 1st United States Grand Prix at the new Circuit of the Americas track outside Austin Texas is just one more step in the process. $450 million US Dollars have been committed to build and finish out the facility. Construction is proceeding at maximum speed. More personnel have been hired. Other events such as MotoGP have been added to the calendar and many more are in early planning stages. Formula 1 fans across the Americas and indeed the world are making hotel reservations and putting travel plans in place to be here in person for the first race.

Central Texans can hardly believe their good luck. Local enthusiasts are accelerating their appreciation for F1 and get together as a group to watch every race. The first tour of the track is being offered to fans this week. Wild Bubbas Wild Game Grill in Speed City Texas (administratively known as Elroy Texas,  it is the actual home of the new track) is the defacto hangout for fans and includes a growing shrine of images, videos and memorabilia. Located in Elroy next to the track, you never know who you will sit down next to for lunch or dinner (for our most recent visit there, it was a table of Tilke engineers!!).

In appreciation, Wild Bubba’s is offering a free gathering with complementary German food and BYOB beer. This will be an absolutely unique experience, your chance to socialize with enthusiasts from all around – and maybe even meet a special someone who shares a few common interests with you! More people have met their special someone at these events than all of the best biker dating websites out there combined, so we highly recommend it if you’re looking to meet someone. RSVP by email as shown in the invitation below. And if you need a hotel, choose one near the Austin Airport.

Wild Bubba's Meet, Greet & Eat, June 11, 2011

Racing Ready WILL be in attendance!  Hope to see you there…


Formula1 Austin USGP Race Date Announced!

Circuit of The Americas News Release banner

Here is Formula1 Austin USGP highly anticipated news!

Circuit of The Americas UPDATE:

We have another exciting update to share! The World Motor Sport Council has published the 2012 Formula 1 Grand Prix race calendar, and June 17, 2012 is the date assigned to the United States Grand Prix.

Now the construction folks at the COTA site have a hard deadline to strive for – just over 1 year away!  Racing Ready is further committed to somehow be a part of this event.  But I wonder, just how set in stone is this date?


Stephen Olvey, New Medical Director of Circuit of the Americas

Circuit of the Americas (aka COTA, the world-class racing facility being built just south of Austin , TX) has just recently announced a serious appointment. The very well regarded & former CART (Championship Auto Racing Team, or Champ Car) Director of Medical Services, Steve Olvey, has just been appointed as the new Medical Director for the Circuit of the Americas.

Steve Olvey - New Director of Medical Services for Circuit of the Americas

This speaks VOLUMES as to how serious this world class this facility will be.  Mr. Olvey has been at the forefront of racing driver safety & medical care.  For example, he was instrumental in saving the life of famed, two-time  CART Champion Alex Zanardi.

This was at the September 24, 2001 race in Lausitz, Germany.  Alex was exiting the pits when his car lost control & passed into the high speed path of Alex Tagliani’s car.  This  T-bone crash took out the front end of Alex’s car & both of his legs.  Both drivers were airlifted immediately to a Berlin hospital.  What could have been a tragic loss of life was avoided by the quick thinking of then CART Medical Director Steve Olvey.  Essentially, Alex Zanardi is alive today due to Mr. Olvey’s quick thinking actions that day!

Alex Zanardi's graphic, life-altering crash in the CART race of September 24, 2001 at Lausitz, Germany

Here is what Steve Olvey had to say about his appointment:

“I jumped at the chance to be in on the ground floor of developing what promises to be one of the most advanced rapid-response trauma-care systems in the world of sports,” Olvey said in a statement.

“I believe Circuit of the Americas will become not only a center where sports injuries will be effectively treated, but also a center for research into the issues that can affect all athletes, such as concussion, spinal-cord injury and severe traumatic brain injury.”

So, Tavo Hellmund continues to lead the charge in developing this preeminent racing & other high end entertainment facility known as Circuit of the Americas.  Racing Ready has heard that, in addition to a 10 year commitment from both Formula1 & MotoGP racing, there will be 2 other race series announced later this year.

Racing Ready is waiting for the latest information to post for all of us!


Circuit of the Americas, Formula1 USGP Facility

United States Grand Prix Group Brands World-Class Facility “Circuit of the Americas™” – Identity Conveys Multi-national Appeal, Multi-purpose Use.

Circuit of the Americas logo, home of the Formula1 Austin USGP!

This is the new Circuit of the Americas logo, announced Tuesday, April 12th, 2011.  This is the name of the facility where the Formula 1™  Austin USGP will take place in 2012.  But the Circuit of the Americas™ (CotA) will be SO much more than a race track to host a Formula 1™ race.  Click here for their Press Release!

Circuit of the Americas (CotA) announcement - with Tavo Hellmund & Red McCombs

Texas Lands MotoGP for 2013.  Beginning in 2013, the CotA will have a 10 year contract for world class motorcycle racing.  This is the Formula1 equivalent of two-wheeled racing.  This will involve motorbikes & racers in the following classes:

  • MotoGP class – the pinnacle of motorcycle racing
  • Moto2
  • Moto3

For more about MotoGP, world class motorcycle racing, click here!

Moto GP for 2013 Competition Motorcycle

More important for the long term viability of this full facility, is that Circuit of the Americas is partnering with Texas schools.  The CotA educational initiative spearheads the usage of this land & facilities just south of Austin, Texas.  This is a win-win for students & community.  The following four educational Districts & institutions will be involved:

  • Del Valle ISD – Race to Learn & their own Green Racing Research program, to explore ways energy efficient technologies may be used at the site
  • Huston-Tillotson University – Business School summer internship program, working with the finace & marketing departments
  • St. Edward’s University – Humanities School of PhotoCommunication, learning to create a commemorative table book
  • Texas A&M University – School of Landscape Architecture to connect Classrooms with Construction, installing a number of landscape features

Racing Ready is pleased to share these announcements.  To see even more, visit the Circuit of the Americas electronic press room, here!


Formula1 Austin USGP Track Aerial Views

Look, here’s the newly released aerial footage of the Formula1 Austin USGP track!

Formula1 Austin USGP - Construction aerial view! - Click to play...

The folks from The Austin Grand Prix, released this exclusive video, via the Friends of Formula 1 Austin Texas on Facecloth.  In addition, here’s their T-shirt design you can buy.  Click here to get yours!

COME AND RACE IT - T-shirt Design by The Austin Grand Prix

So, we’ve got another great bunch of folks that will keep us up to date of this community changing event.  They also offer a Newsletter – sign up here!

Racing Ready thanks you, The Austin Grand Prix.