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Articles of interest regarding the development of the Formula 1 Austin United States Grand Prix (USGP) track, race, & related activities.

Where’s The Best Seat For Austin F1 USGP?

Recently, track designer Peter Wahl (who is a manager partner of Tilke, the company designing the USGP Austin track), suggested where the best spot is to sit for watching & best experiencing the Austin Formula 1 experience.  In the grandstands, in what many refer to the Hockenheim section, you get the view of cars roaring down the straight, then hard on the brakes & through a series of curves.

Here’s a picture of the actual Hockenheim arena section of the track in Germany.

Hockenheim Arena - track view

Below is Mr. Wahl pointing out the ideal seating location on the 3D model of the Austin’s proposed 3.4 mile USGP Formula 1 track.

Designer Wahl picks best seat in the F1 house, for the Austin USGP

Here’s a bird’s eye view, from the track another detail, giving you a better idea of the sight lines and the area, with a different perspective.

'The Spot' to watch the USGP Austin Formula 1 Race!

Racing Ready continues to be on the lookout for these Austin USGP “gems” of information.  This will be exciting for the Texas Racing Community!


Austin F1 USGP Site Grading Plans – PROOF!

Looking for tangible proof of the seriousness of USGP Formula 1 racing in Texas?

Austin F1 USGP - Public Infrastructure Improvements

Here’s some great overview shots of the grading plan details.  This is from those individuals already involved in getting the Formula 1 race course project off the ground near Austin, Texas.  Therefore, this is proof that all of these efforts have been underway for some time!

Austin F1 USGP - General Tract plans

Many people have stated causes for concern or other negativity.  These images demonstrate that most all concerns have already been addressed:

  • Making use of the natural terrain & area plans (fauna)

Austin F1 USGP - Wetland Plant List

  • Proper preparation for good, effective site bound traffic flow

Austin F1 USGP - Traffic Infrastructure Improvement Detail

  • Knowing the gas main lines’ locations & the important undertaking of the moving them away from the main thoroughfare

Austin F1 USGP - Existing Gas Lines' Detail

  • Wetlands/Eco-conservation & promoting the local fauna (doing construction steps with emphasis on the protection and improvement of existing vegetation)

Austin F1 USGP - Cross Section of a Typical Vegetated Bench Area

In addition, the existence of all these well-developed plans demonstrates the how much advance work has already been happening.  These had to have been started much earlier this year.  This was many months prior to the formal announcement of the USGP F1 venue for Austin, back this past May 25th, 2010.

Here’s the link of the actual Detailed Austin Site Grading Plans article.

Racing Ready is more enthused of the progress & reality of this project for 2012!


F1 USGP – Conceptual Master Plan Announced

Here’s the very latest in the progress of the VERY anticipated Formula 1 US Grand Prix – click the image below for more specific details:

Conceptual Master Plan - F1 US Grand Prix - Austin, Texas

This is more solid evidence that this WILL happen.  The local motor enthusiast & motorsports community in the Austin regional area will get a MAJOR shot in the arm as this develops.

Racing Ready wonders, what new businesses & entrepreneurial opportunities will come of all of this?


Revealed, Austin Formula 1 Track Layout

Finally, some long awaited US Grand Prix Austin Formula 1 information we can really sink our teeth into.

US Grand Prix Austin Formula 1 speeding toward South-Central Texas!

It’s here – the 3D, Tilke computer design of the track layout
Click the image below for a detailed PDF…

US Grand Prix Austin Formula 1 Tilke 3D computer track design course layout

Tavo Hellmund provided some general PR quotes today in announcing the US Grand Prix Austin Formula 1 track layout & design:

In the modern era of Grand Prix racing, I think this track layout and topography will be very special. It will have many of the elements of previous ‘classic’ circuits combined with the benefits of FIA-mandated safety for the competitors and spectators alike. Add in the amenities fans have come to expect, like rare, multiple-turn viewing opportunities for added value, and you have an ideal, world-class venue.

For the competitors, we’ll have all the ingredients necessary. You’ll see fast turns that require commitment from the drivers and technical turns that will test the engineers from a set-up point of view. We have a good deal of elevation to make it not only scenic but challenging also, and the view of downtown Austin is wonderful as well.

Here’s some good, hard & fast track specifications:

  • Taking advantage of the local topography, the track will have 133′ of elevations changes
  • The track length will be 3.4 miles, & can be divided into 2 separate tracks for different events
  • Top speed is calculated to be up to 200mph
  • There will be 20 turns, of every variety, with both uphill & downhill approaches
  • The track is designed to run counter-clockwise
  • And finally, something to counter some of the monotony of current F1 races: three “ideal” overtaking places…it would be great to see some real passing in the Formula 1 series again!

We shall see…!  Here’s a “10,000 foot view” rendering to give us a general idea of some more details of the layout. Click on the image below & you’ll be directed to a much higher quality, detailed PDF image!  You will even be able to see the correct racing line through the corners…

US Grand Prix Austin Formula 1 track design overvew - a "bird's eye" view...

Racing Ready is pleased to see these details finally revealed.  It has been stated that the graders should start breaking ground this coming December.  I think a series of pilgrimages should be organized & started up.  Who’s up for a road trip?


Preliminary Austin Formula 1 Track Details

Here’s a few more details about the preparations for the Austin Formula 1 track & design.  Final details are still pending…

Formula 1 generic graphic design

The proposed circuit will be located 20 miles from Austin on 900 acres of land.  Tavo Hellmund said recently that the layout will feature 20 corners spread over 3.2 miles of the “natural terrain road course.”

U.S. Grand Prix promoter Tavo Hellmund says that his yet-to-be constructed racetrack near Austin will accommodate up to 130,000 to 140,000 fans.   “It will be the biggest thing Austin has ever had,” Hellmund said.  He claimed that the track’s grandstands might accommodate 50,000 fans, while the rest of the attendees could enjoy the race from various open spaces around the facility.

Exactly when the race will take place remains unknown, but Hellmund assured his audience that it will not be held in the scorching-hot months of July or August.

Tavo revealed that the track will feature “four real passing zones.”

Tilke logo

As for the track’s construction time line–work is planned to begin in December–Peter Wahl, a director of the Hermann Tilke-owned circuit-design company, said that the project is doable in time for a race in 2012. “[The time issue] does not frighten us,” he said.

Racing Ready is waiting, as is the rest of racing fan community, for more details.  We’ll do our best to keep you in the loop!


AutoX Prospects At Austin Formula 1 Lot!

Yesterday, Sondra Sondregger was a guest at lunch with Tavo Hellmund & the Hill Country Region Porsche Club of America chapter.  One of the topics of discussion was the following (& I quote):

To answer everyone’s question:

Yes, I asked if there will be an autocross-suitable lot, and he indicated that there will be!

I specifically mentioned no trees, light poles, wheel stops, etc.

I think he gets it 🙂

That’s great prospective news for the enthusiasts of the SPOKES club.  It also shows that Tavo is open to great suggestions!

US Flag Formula1 Banner

Racing Ready continues to be anxious about the ever growing prospect of the actual happening of the US Formula 1 Grand Prix happening in June 2012!


Austin Formula 1 Location & Investor Revealed

Formula 1 United States Coming to Austin 2012

Earlier today, Tavo Hellmund announced 3 important items to advance the progress of Formula 1 in Austin, Texas for June 2012 (the official press release is here):

  • Red McCombs support as the primary “mover & shaker” investor.
  • The proposed location to be SE of the Austin airport!
  • Formula 1 launched a new website, as well –

Sources say it will be on 900 acres that were originally slated to be the Wandering Creek real estate development, near Elroy in southeastern Travis County.  We’ll see if the accuracy of this bears out as true in the coming days.  Here’s a good location map I found:

Proposed site for Formula 1 Racing in Austin 2012

The priorities that Tavo & Red share for the 2012 Formula One initiative are as follows:

  1. Bring value and economic development to the state of Texas
  2. Create value for partners
  3. Make this one of the truly great sporting events in the world

Here’s a satellite image with all the important landmarks indicated – click to enlarge:

Satellite map of proposed site for Formula 1 Racing in Austin 2012

We shall see…  Racing Ready surely wants this to happen.  Okay, so what’s this track course layout going to be like?  More here as the news evolves…