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Articles of interest regarding the development of the Formula 1 Austin United States Grand Prix (USGP) track, race, & related activities.

How Austin & Formula One Are the Right Match

Sondra Sondregger, a respected Austin-based autocrosser & HPDE (High Performance Driver Education) promoter, is very active & involved in the South/Central Texas motorsports community.  Sondra has even started her own HPDE endeavor, Velocity Adventures Texas.

Velocity Adventures - Don't Dream of Being Fast, BE FAST!

Sondra was interviewed on the radio (along with Eric Beverding of Harris Hill Road) a couple of weeks ago.  They discussed the pros & cons of Formula 1 coming to Austin.  Suffice it to say, like me, Sondra (& Eric) is VERY pro about this.

From all the information she had researched in preparing for this interview, she put together this recently published in the Austin Post.  It’s about why having Formula 1 come to Austin makes SO much sense!  Sondra provides a LOT of good data & thoroughly prepared information.  Well done!  Here’s just a teaser snippet – click here for the full article:

A lot of attention has been paid to all of the people who are opposing Formula One’s presence in Austin, but I am one of the many really excited about it. I really don’t have a dog in the fight and little to gain other than that I like Formula One, am thrilled that we have been honored to have been chosen as the location for such a prestigious event and track, and I think that this is a very good opportunity for Austin’s economy, both in the way of the immediate benefits and in the way of the more lasting benefits of business relocation…

Racing Ready can’t agree more.  We’ll continue to share more here as it becomes available!  Rumor has it that they’ll be announcing the track location this week – we shall see…


She’s Ba-ack, Texas Comptroller Experiences F1

Okay, here’s the follow-up to the news that Texas State Comptroller, Susan Combs, visited a Formula 1 race (at Silverstone in England), on her own dime.  She was favorably impressed & looks to be pushing support for this event to happen!  Details/video are here!

Susan Combs, Texas State Comptroller, visiting Formula 1 garage facilities at the Silverstone race track venue!

Here are some teaser snippets from the article:

Texas Comptroller Checking Out Formula 1

When questioned about the environmental implications the Formula 1 track would pose on the Austin area, Combs said “I think you’re going to find that it’s green both physically with trees and grass and environmentally and I think you’re going to find that the way the vehicles are managed is environmentally friendly.”  “I think people will be very relieved when they get the details, I honestly do,” added the Comptroller.

… & more…

Next week, the Austin Formula 1 investor and the location of the track will be unveiled for the first time.  Ms. Combs says groundbreaking on the track somewhere in the Austin area will begin in December with a completion date scheduled for June of 2012.

Now this is a very encouraging news giving more traction to Formula 1 racing REALLY happening in Austin.  Racing Ready will continue to stay tuned; you do the same!


Texas Comptroller Checking Out Formula 1

Here’s an interesting, hot off the press,  Formula 1 in Austin, Texas snippet!

This was compiled from The Austin-America Statesman (the Austin newspaper)  Staff & Wire Reports (Published: 10:52 p.m.,  Wednesday, July 7, 2010):

Comptroller checks out F1 race

State Comptroller Susan Combs, instrumental in securing a Formula One race in Austin beginning in 2012, left Wednesday to get a firsthand look at the sport. She is attending the British Grand Prix, about 70 miles north of London.

Allen Spelce, a spokesman for the comptroller’s office, said that the trip is a vacation and that Combs is paying for it, not the state. Combs is traveling with her husband, whom Spelce described as an avid racing fan. Combs “was really excited about this,” Spelce said. “She thinks it’s going to be a great event for Austin.”

To put on the Austin race, the state is putting up $25 million annually, which could be used to pay the sanctioning fees for the event.

F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone is also expected to be at Silverstone, as is Tavo Hellmund, the promoter behind the Austin race.

Racing Ready is looking for more reports of this nature to post here!


Latest News About Formula 1 In Austin, TX

I had been wondering about the latest progress about Austin, Texas really getting the Formula 1 to start racing in June 2012.  Here’s some information from the official promotion folks, Full Throttle Productions, LP.

Full Throttle Productions, L.P.

Welcome.  Thank you for your interest in the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix™.  As you are aware, Austin, Texas, will host the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix™ from 2012 through 2021, bringing Formula 1 racing back to the U.S.  This milestone project has been in the works for several years and has involved significant collaboration between Formula One Management and Full Throttle Productions, LP.

In addition, here’s an e-mailed response to an inquiry:

Subject: Thank you for interest in the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix(TM).

Dear Formula 1 Race Fan,

Thank you for your interest in the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix™. As you are aware, Austin, Texas, will host the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix™ from 2012 through 2021, bringing Formula 1 racing back to the U.S. This milestone project has been in the works for several years and has involved significant collaboration between Formula One Management and Full Throttle Productions, LP.

To keep all interested parties up to speed, we will launch a project website within the next week or so. We will be sharing information about the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix™ in Austin as well as F1 Grand Prix events being held across the world. Over the course of the summer, we will be releasing information on our website and to our fans regarding:

  • Site location
  • Master plan
  • Facility renderings, and
  • Track layout

We look forward to sharing more with you soon!  Stay tuned…

Full Throttle Management

Hmmm – very sanitary & a tease, too!  Racing Ready wants some REAL answers, as I’m sure you do as well…stay tuned!


More Formula 1 in Austin, Texas Snippets!

More “proof” of Formula 1 actually coming to Austin in 2012 continues to filter in.  I found a video of Tavo Hellmund, race promoter of Full Throttle Productions, recorded at his lawyer’s office.  I’ll  let the 3+ minute video speak for itself – just click below.

Tavo Hellmund discusses the path of Formula 1 to Austin, TX in this video!


Seems like some pretty solid statements that Tavo makes…  What do you think?

Formula 1 logo

Another informed source released some solid information as to what could be the parcel of land under consideration for the Formula 1 venue.  Seems like a good choice, both close & remote enough, just along the Texas 130 corridor, of off Pearce Lane…we shall see!  I misplaced the link with more specific details.  Sorry, but here’s the image of that parcel:

Possible Formula 1 parcel SE of Austin, TX

Here’s another introduction/information video that gives more of an Austin slant:

Formula One track to be built within 10 miles of ABIA


But here’s a statement from Tavo reflecting a different, not-so-great tone:

But Austin promoter Tavo Hellmund, reportedly a friend of Ecclestone’s for decades, said he is not worried about the tight schedule for 2012.

“If it [the date] slides back, it slides back,” he said.

As more data comes across the Racing Ready desk whether it be “solid” or some really interesting rumors, I’ll post it here!


Formula 1 Grand Prix! Austin, Texas! For Real?

Today my personal e-mail Inbox blew up!  I received ALL sorts of Internet chatter & some interesting links about Formula 1 & Bernie Ecclestone, setting up for Formula 1 to race in the Austin, Texas environs.  The exact location is still not known, but many rumors are already afoot.  The contract is slated to run from 2012 to 2021.

2010 Formula 1 - a detailed visual overview

A few years back, there was word of a Formula 1 style track facility to be built somewhere west of Austin, to be called the Bergrennenring.  I recall reading something about that, but it seemed to have died in the vine.  The last post to their blog was in February, 2008.

Bergrennenring logo

This time round there is some major name dropping going on:

  • Bernie Ecclestone, the “grand poobah” of F1 himself is quoted
  • Rick Perry, the Governor of Texas, puts his promotional 2 cents in
  • Lee Leffingwell, the Mayor of Austin is rightly impressed

“This is a case of the right timing in the right place,” said Austin-based Tavo Hellmund, the managing partner of race promoter Full Throttle Productions, a special event and sports production company that was formed in 2005.

Based on all the Internet chatter, this is something so very many in the regional motorsports community are looking forward to.  Here’s the major article links I have found.  Go ahead, read them at your leisure:

Thanks to Monica, SPOKES member, here’s the one quote that sums all this up best!

Something being announced in Formula 1 doesn’t mean it’ll actually happen.

Racing Ready thought that IndyCar was the only professional series of world class open wheel racing, to be available nearby.  The next one is the Firestone 550K, at the Texas Motor Speedway.  This race takes place on June 5th, 2010.

Well, now we’ve a sense of world class racing hope!  This will make South/Central Texas more of an authentic motorsports activity hub.  We’ll see what develops…