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Tadpole Jumping to Froggy at AutoX, by Eric: Part 2

Continuing from Eric’s previous post, here in Part 2 of his ongoing Froggy exploits, we are introduced to a variation of  HPDE (high performance driver education) at Harris Hill Road (H2R).  As Eric describes, there is more than autocrossing that you can do with your daily driver or weekend racer.  As a bonus, this is all less than an hour from San Antonio, Texas!

Taking a break from autocross, new SASCA president Chris, who’s also a member of Harris Hill Road, organized an impromptu track day on doomsday, 12/21/12.  Because I want to save my A6s for autocross, I ran the Mustang on the OEM Pirelli P Zeros.  Surprisingly, I didn’t hate them, and a video from one of my sessions is below.  They did start getting greasy towards the end, hence I backed off once I caught Chris’ Miata, since we were already five laps in at the beginning of the video.

Jay also debuted my former E36 track day car, and since he’d never driven H2R before, I was in the driver’s seat of “LittleE’s” first ever track laps showing him the line.  The car ran great until the right front corner light popped out!  Nothing that some painter’s tape couldn’t fix though.

Between the two of us, we also got some on-track shots:

Eric's former E36 track day car

Eric's Mustang exiting the H2R Mustang turn

Chris' Miata going into the H2R front straight

Eric & his Mustang setting up for a H2R hairpin turn

And in true apocalyptic fashion, my odometer hit 666 miles!

Apocalyptic odometer hits 666 miles

Which brings us to the first SASCA event of 2013.  Despite the fact we close registration at 9:30, there were so many people in line we didn’t finish processing everyone until 9:45, when we ended up with 132 registered drivers.  You could tell it was a big event by the size of the driver’s meeting.

SASCA crowded drivers meeting

First time course designer Jason set up a fast layout, and since Jay is to co-drive my car at the SCCA Championship Tour in College Station next month, we decided to put him in the car to make sure he was comfortable.  Once again, F-stock was in the course cleanup first heat.  Jay improved every run until his fourth, a 33.11.  Unfortunately, I forgot to hit record before that run, so here’s his third, a 33.31 +2.

Meanwhile, I started with a 33.45 and would have my best clean time on the second run, a 32.94.  Again, I forgot to hit record before my second run, so here’s my fifth, a slightly faster, but dirty, 32.84 +1.

As an experiment, I tried running ¼ tank of gas at this event, having run previous events at ½.  This proved to make the car a little on the loose side, and having two drivers in the car with little downtime between runs made her looser still.  Adjusting rear tire pressures lower helped, but despite spraying with water, the tires would still get greasy towards the end of the run, as you can see when I come out of the bus stop in the above video.  The fact that I had to stop for a corner worker on course and took a rerun without any downtime didn’t help either.

Eric poised to start an autocross run... wonder if that's the Stig

In any case, with the new SASCA mandate of not showing double driver results in the final event listings, I finished 14th in raw time and seventh in pax, with Jay 17th in raw and 11th in pax, a pretty good outing for his first time in the car.  This time, both Nathan and Camaro driver Mike captured some external shots.  Check out the dust trail from Froggy’s right front wheel in the pic below!

Note the dust trail from Froggy’s right front wheel...

In the meantime, a lot of newcomers have been showing up with various iterations of the new 5.0 Mustang, including the Boss.  Some people would be very surprised by how good these latest S197s are.

Boss 302 Mustang in school bus yellow

Pair of Mustangs - a dark grey 5.0 & a white Boss 302

Another Mustang, a black 5.0, ready to autocross

And some not so new-comers, as the 2012 GT below is owned by Brian, a Nationals trophy winner in ESP.  This car is gonna be quick once he gets his new Hoosiers mounted!

Brian's 2012 GT, a Nationals trophy winner in ESP

We have a few more local events before Froggy makes her SCCA debut.  By then, the Koni sport shocks I ordered from Matthew at WLTS Auto Sports should be installed, and lighter Forgestar wheels will replace the 31lb Ford Racing bricks currently wearing the Hoosiers.  With the positive results we’ve had so far, I’m really looking forward to this coming season!

Eric's Froggy anticipating further upgrades for autocross improvement

We at Racing Ready continue to enjoy sharing Eric’s refreshing point of view of his autocross exploits.  He also gave us a peak into the world of amateur HPDE (high performance driving eduction) with his visit to Harris Hill Road.

This coming summer I look forward to fixing Karlino‘s catalytic converter issue & getting back into some autocross action – it has been more than 1 year.  I am more than overdue!


Tadpole Jumping to Froggy at AutoX, by Eric: Part 1

Over the past few months Eric has been starting to get a handle on his new Froggy (a sweet, in-your-face Gotta Have It Green 2013 Ford Mustang 5.0 GT model).  Below is Part 1 of the process.  Eric has nicely documented his getting familiar with the Mustang’s autocross abilities & what he is modifying to improve its capabilities.

It’s been a long time since my promised update to Froggy’s autocross adventures.  So, to make up for it, here’s my quad event report, with a bit of the Mustang’s first track day thrown in for good measure.

ATE Super Blue high temp brake fluid

As mentioned in my last post, I decided that a swap to high temp brake fluid was in order, so I broke out my trusty vacuum pump and replaced the OEM stuff with ATE Super Blue.  My car, being a track pack, came with Performance Friction pads from the factory, which I felt would work well for autocross.  On went the MBRP axle back exhaust I’d ordered earlier, saving some 20lb of weight over the stockers.

MBRP axle back exhaust

With fresh Hoosiers mounted, I attended SASCA’s 11th event of 2012 at Retama Park, which was a fair sized event with 104 entries.  F-Stock was in the first run group, and my first ever pass was a tentative 34.19, with announcer, “douchebag,” and all around good guy John making fun of me the whole way.  Watch videos in 720p for better quality.

Fortunately the car, even with stock alignment, had good balance and put power down well, and I learned to trust her after just a few runs.  My fifth pass, below, was a much better 32.64.

Later, while helping to load the timing trailer at the end of the day, I read the timesheet.  My time held up for 15th in raw time and eighth in pax, tying my best ever pax result in four years of autocrossing the Corvette.  Once double entries were filtered out, I received fifth place pax points.  As a bonus, FR-S driver Nathan was on hand and came up with some great action shots.

Froggy's debut at SASCA's 11th AutoX of 2012 (photo courtesy of FR-S driver Nathan)

Unfortunately, the heavy Mustang has brutal tire edge wear, wearing some of the sidewall lettering right off!  Immediately I had them flipped by my local Discount Tire, hence the outside edge of my right front is shown on the inside of the rim.

Worn right front Hoosier on Froggy after AutoX

Fortunately, there is an SCCA stock class legal procedure for gaining more negative camber using Ford crash bolts.  So, it was off to Federico’s shop to get them installed.

More negative camber using Ford crash bolts on Froggy

We ended up with -1.8* left and -2.4* right camber once the bolts were maxed out.  Since I’m planning on replacing the shocks anyway, I left the camber as it was and had the toe set to zero, and it was in this state that we attended the last Spokes event of 2012.  After working registration and getting tire changing help from John K., Froggy was ready to run.

Froggy ready for 12th SASCA AutoX of 2012

D-prepared national champion Drew set up a tight, challenging course in the low-50 second range in a lot where most layouts are in the 40s.  The alignment change netted an immediate improvement in turn-in but I found myself struggling, often late and not getting on the power soon enough.  I wasn’t using all the track, nor all the capabilities of the car.  As a result, my best run, a 55.08, was only good for 23rd raw and 19th pax time out of 72 entries.

After the disappointment, I didn’t have to wait long to try and improve, as SASCA event #12 of 2012 was the very next weekend.  84 cars were in attendance, and this time F-stock was in the last run group.  Due to a mishap involving an S2K, we were limited to five runs, but as you could see, the course was an open layout my car loved.  This time I saved the best for last, a 42.06.  I’d wanted 41s so bad, but it wasn’t to be.

What surprised me the most was that the time was not only good enough for 9th in raw time, but 3rd in pax, less than five tenths away from multi-time national champion Dr. Erik in his 3-rotor RX7, seen in this awesome pic by Perry Bennett at Nationals last year.

Dr. Erik in his 3-rotor RX7 at 2012 Nationals (photo courtesy of Perry Bennett)

In Part 2 of Eric’s Froggy adventures, Racing Ready follows his green Mustang’s exploits of autocross with some rewarding on-track action.  Sometime this year I will experience a ride-along in Froggy to truly enjoy Eric’s Ford Mustang’s capabilities.


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We Race Cadillacs at Circuit of The Americas!

An alternate title for this post could be:

Speed Learning at Circuit of The Americas: Cadillac Style!

At least it FELT like racing!  Let me explain…

Cadillac V-Series Performance Lab

Last August I heard about this unique driving performance event sponsored by the Cadillac Division of GM.  It’s called the Cadillac V-Series Performance Lab.  It was set to take place at the Circuit of The Americas (CoTA).  I guess I was sliding on my social media reviewing skills – I didn’t find out about it until it was too late to sign up.  I was able to get on their waiting list…with fingers crossed!

Cadillac V-Series Performance Lab flyer

Well, with less than a week to go before the event, I got an early Christmas present: I was released from the waiting list & allowed access to Saturday (08-DEC-2012) morning’s driving session!  Prior to this event I walked on the CoTA track at the Formula Run & 2 weeks later was an über-fan at the Formula 1 USGP weekend.  This was to be the first time I (& many others from South/Central Texas) would be able to actually drive on “our” new track AT SPEED!

Cadillac CTS-V at speed on CoTA, at Cadillac V Series Performance Academy (V-Lab) December, 2012 (Circuit of The Americas photo)

This event was spread out over 3 days, with 2 sessions each day.  A staff member told me they try for an average of 102 per session.  I did a general attendee count and estimated about 120 participants in my Saturday morning session.  This Austin, Texas event, at CoTA, was the 4th & last stop of a cross country tour, visiting the tracks at:

  • Autobahn Country Club – Chicago, IL
  • Palm Beach International Raceway – West Palm Beach, FL
  • Firebird Raceway – Phoenix, AZ
  • Circuit of The Americas – Austin, TX

2012 Cadillac V-Lab featured tracks

This event ran as smooth as a very well coordinated machine, almost as smooth as the wonderful track surface of the new CoTA track.  After our continental breakfast, Don Harple was introduced.  He is Cadillac’s performance driving director.  Don explained what we would be doing that morning, along with an invigorating Cadillac video.  He has been experienced with events that reveal the capabilities of driving at the limit for 23 years.  Don explained that part of learning to drive a track well is to drive with your eyes, to master “eye work”.  As a way to further illustrate, he stated: “Look toward hope, not toward reality.”  That was a cool revelation of the need to always anticipate by looking ahead!  Having you look where you want to go allows your hands and feet to take you there.

If you and your partner both have cars, you’re almost always going to be better off with multi car insurance, but do look around before settling.

Click here if you want to see more.

We were divided into 3 groups, designated by different colored lanyards: black, red & white.  The groups were then sent out to 3 different modules:

  • Module 1:  Dynamic Capabilities with the new model Cadillac ATS Sedan.  This was to showcase the Stabilitrak/ABS capabilities. This was set up on a modified autocross course (sort of), along with a review of Michelin’s role in tire development technology & an overview of the CUE infotainment control system.
  • Module 2:  Dynamic Capabilities on track, using both Cadillac CTS-V Sedan & Wagon models (this was a familiarity track session,  plus an overview session of the performance advantages of Brembo brakes on Cadillac’s V-Series & ATS Sedan models
  • Module 3:  The much anticipated CTS-V Coupe track drive (with a video recorded of us driving as an unexpected bonus)!  In addition, a further explanation of Stabilitrak & its interaction with the Cadillac ATS Sedan chassis dynamics.  We were also given a review of the CTS-V Recaro safest convertible car seat 2014‘ variety of adjustments.

I spoke to Don later & found out he had been contracted by Cadillac to put on these events.  His company is Radius, LLC  (based in the Atlanta area) & his partner is Tommy Kendall (former 4 time SCCA Trans-Am Series Champion racer).  Don facilitates these types of events for various manufactures & stated that Cadillac is his best customer.

Cadillac CTS-V Coupes getting lined up for our 1st laps at speed on the CoTA track - at V-Series Lab, December 2012

Overall impressions by everyone were positive & enthusiastic, both of the Cadillac CTS-V & ATS lineup, along with the state of the art track facilities &, of course, the track itself.  The ride along driving instructors (most of them current or former professional racers) were very helpful & supportive.  They loved the new CoTA track, too, & were enthusiastic in having us push these Cadillacs to their mechanical limits – they weren’t holding us back!

Nick, my astute driving instructor, at Cadillac V-Series Lab, at CoTA - December 2012

I appreciated my instructor, Nick, with his positive attitude & encouragement.  He introduced me to the CoTA track racing line (at least for the Cadillac CTS-V cars) & was riding shotgun with me during all 3 behind the wheel sessions.  Witness all this here in the video they provided later (yes, that’s me driving). Turn it up & enjoy!

Between sessions & other downtime, we were able to hang out & visit with one of the Cadillac GT racers, Andy Pilgrim, #8 racer of the Pirelli World Challenge.  He & Johnny O’Connell take turns doing these events during the year.  Andy is a very personable guy & shared some great racing anecdotes.  In addition, he was accompanied by his actual Cadillac race car #8, based on the CTS-V Coupe.

Racing Ready Dan with Andy Pilgrim's World Challenge Series Cadillac race car, #8, at V-Lab Series event at CoTA - December 2012

Cadillac CTS-V Coupe, chasing its racing 'brother' run by Andy Pilgrim in the Pirelli World Challenge Series

We were able to ask Andy all sorts of questions about the race car, his involvement with it & racing.  Here’s his press release information & which he autographed for me:

Andy Pilgrim, Cadillac Racer #8 in Pirelli World Challenge Series- Info & Autograph

Andy Pilgrim on the job in 'his office' at speed, Cadillac racer #8, Pirelli World Challenge Series

In addition to 2 laps around CoTA in a CTS-V Coupe, we were able to put the new Cadillac ATS Sedan through its paces.  I left with a good impression of these new mid-sized Cadillac sedans.

Cadillac ATS 'autocross' handling dynamics experience, at CoTA - December 2012

They had set up a course for us to do a short drag race & them slam on the ABS brakes.  Then we went through an accident avoidance exercise – I was most impressed by what the Stabilitrak did in keeping the ATS Sedan completely composed in that maneuver.  Lastly, we went through a short series of chicanes.  We were driving the 3.6L v6 model – nice car!

2013 Cadillac 3.6L V6 engine in ATS Sedan, at CoTA - December 2012

2013 Cadillac ATS Sedan, leather interior cockpit, at CoTA - December 2012

Part of this session was an explanation of what Michelin did to develop tire technology for the Cadillac ATS Sedan.  We were ALL extremely surprised to hear these cars were riding on run flat-tires.  These were the newly developed Michelin Primacy MXM4 tires, with new sunflower seed oil technology – AKA, grippy in all weather conditions.  They handled most famously & we had no clue they were run-flats!

2013 Cadillac ATS Sedan, on Michelin run-flat tires, at CoTA - December 2012

Michelin Primacy MXM4 tires on 2013 Cadillac ATS Sedan, at CoTA - December 2012

My last module was driving 3 additional laps in a Cadillac CTS-V Wagon; this time I chose the standard transmission edition.  Nick explained that the Wagon body is aerodynamically cleaner than the CTS-V Coupe.  The wagon was the model that clinched the best track time, for a wagon, at the Nurburgring!  The clutch & transmission engagement were fine, but the shift throws were very long & somewhat rubbery (like Nick said, it’s a Corvette tranny).  It was still fun, though!

Cadillac CTS-V Wagon, manual transmission, at CoTA, during the V-Lab Series in December 2012

After our last session, we were dismissed to make way for the afternoon group.  Going back to the parking lot, I was awestruck by the vast quantity of Cadillac CTS-V & ATS models needed for use that day.  They were lined up to be pressure washed, to have their fluids & other maintenance needs addressed.  Seeing the large number of Cadillacs & understanding what they had just gone through, it was no surprise that this care was needed.

 Vast Quantity of Cadillacs at V-Lab Series, CoTA - December 2012

Very long line of ATS Cadillacs at V-Lab Series, CoTA - December 2012

Racing Ready was honored to be able to attend such an event at a world class racing facility.  I will have to say my opinion of Cadillac as a brand has improved.  Let’s find & do more of these kinds of events!


Rear door of Cadillac CTS-V Racing transporter, at CoTA - December 2012

2012 F1 Season Completed, and Still Digesting

I know it’s been almost 3 weeks since we enjoyed the scintillating shrill of 24 Formula 1 cars blaze their inaugural trail around the Circuit of The Americas (CoTA).

First time into turn 1 at CoTA, 2012 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix - they all made it through without incident!

It’s been almost 2 weeks since the Formula 1 season came to a dramatic close at the Brazil GP in the rain, at the Interlagos Circuit in Sao Paolo (I love watching the drama of racing in the rain!).

First turn misdirection by Vettel on 1st lap of 2012 F1 Brazil GP!

It’s been about a week since the SPEED staff put together their final Debrief & shared their final farewell…(sniff)

SPEED Debrief Final Farewell

And I know I haven’t blogged about ANY of this…

I will have to say I haven’t yet fully digested all I experienced in the 5 days spent exposed to the world of Formula 1 in the Austin area.  This was at CoTA, in a variety of venues in downtown Austin & elsewhere.  I would like to properly present what I was able to experience.  I want to share with you what I learned about this special Formula 1 world of racing.

Pondering questions in preparation for the FOTA Fans' Forum in the Hilton, Austin, TX - 14-NOV-2012

Thank you for your patience & anticipation.  Racing Ready appreciates your continued readership!


2012 Formula 1 USGP in Austin – Finally Here!

2012 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix - Returns to USA in Austin, Texas!

It’s here & happening now:

Formula 1 Returns to USA in 2012

2012 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix!

For the latest information to keep up to date, click Calendars link below:

Austin Events Calendars for 2012 Formula 1 USGP Racing

To learn what it took to get here, I offer the following review…

The Formula 1 spectacle has arrived back in the USA.  Round 19 of the 2012 F1 season takes place just a few miles south of the Austin, Texas airport.  The formation & creation of the Circuit of The Americas (aka, CoTA), has been a long time in coming.  We at Racing Ready, & many others, have known about it for 2 & 1/2 years.  But the initial gestation period started much longer ago, thanks to Tavo Hellmund.  Today, you no longer see his name officially associated with CoTA.  But the idea & desire behind it all started with Tavo.

Circuit of The Americas - Home of The World Championships

Starting in May 2010, the public was made aware.  The concept of a Formula 1-spec track was proposed to be built in southeast Travis County, where Austin, the Capital of Texas is situated.  Things started to move quickly, but not exactly smoothly:

Here’s what Jenson Button, F1 driver on Team McLaren, said in expectation:

You can see elements of the Maggotts/Becketts complex from Silverstone; there’s a reverse of Istanbul Park’s Turn Eight, too; and I can even see a bit of the Hockenheim infield.

I think we’re in for a fantastic weekend – I really cannot wait to get out to Austin and see the city, the people and the track. I think it’s going to be brilliant.

See these 2 track comparison illustrations for you to appreciate:

Circuit of The Amrericas track layout comparison - showing 'Maggots & Becketts' detail


Circuit of The Americas track layout comparison - Hockenheim 'Stadium Section'

This is a historic event in American Motorsports.  Much will continue to be written, but now enjoy the racing.  To all visitors, both here at Racing Ready & in Austin, Texas, we are SO pleased you took the time to visit.  We look forward to your return.

AUSTIN - Texas Charm, Global Appeal



P.S. – For in-depth reading, off track, review this: F1 Racing Grand Prix Fan Guide.  Be advised, it’s 109 pages (!), Courtesy of the Austin America-Statesman.

Circuit of The Americas, a sunset in anticipation of Formula 1 racing success!

Autocrosser Forced Ride Change: Not By Choice

We have not heard from fellow autocrosser & esteemed Contributing Editor Eric for a spell.  Well, a couple of months ago, upon his return from an autocross event, his trusty steed Sunshine took a turn for the worse.  I will let Eric explain:

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, so I felt I should go back a couple months to September’s Spokes event at San Antonio Raceway, and what would turn out to be my last competitive event with Sunshine, my yellow C5 Z06 Corvette.  As you can tell by the pictures, it was a typical Spokes watercross, but still some 82 participants braved the rain.

Spokes wet 'Watercross' at San Antonio Raceway - staging on the grid - SEP 2012

As you can tell from the picture, at the beginning of the event, the rain was light, and remained that way throughout the first heat.  However, as the day wore on, it began to pick up until it was difficult to remain outside of the car between heats.  I lucked out that my work assignment was inside the trailer doing registration, and I can only imagine what it was like for the corner workers.

Eric's Sunshine's last autocross - Spokes SEP 2012, at San Antonio Raceway

Once again, Super Stock was made up of me, and Ray and his son Peter in Ray’s grey Lotus Elise.  The increasing rain made for some interesting challenges, including deep puddles that would send geysers of water over the hood and windshield of the car, making it almost impossible to know where you were going unless you looked far enough ahead in advance.  Unfortunately, my GoPro battery had died and thus I was unable to record any of my runs, and I left my spare at home.

Spokes wet 'Watercross' - not ideal weather, but makes you learn faster to drive well, or not!

Peter complained too that his Lotus, which was running Toyo R888s, was pushing badly, while I felt the Corvette’s balance, on fresh Nitto NT555R2s, was spot on.  In the end, it showed in the results.  I managed to pull a 56.20 on my third run, edging Peter’s 56.44 on what seemed to be a Lotus beneficial course.

All was fine until, during my drive home, the unthinkable happened.  The car snapped sideways for no reason while I was driving 60mph in a straight line on the highway, with all traction aids on.  The result was this:

Eric's Sunshine meets its final fate...

Fortunately, a number of my SASCA brothers and sisters stopped by to make sure I was still in one piece, and one of them, John T, let me sit in his car for an hour while we waited for a tow truck.  For that, and not minding the pieces of glass raining off me and onto his seats and carpet, I will be forever in his debt.

The insurance company decided, with every body panel and every window blown out of the car, and a big dent punched into the bottom of the frame from the wire barrier, that the car was a total loss.

Out a ride and with check in hand, I began searching for another autocross car.  Several I examined, including the GT-R and C6 Z06, would be expensive to buy and expensive to prepare, while several others, like the 996 chassis 911 Carrera, had the potential to become money pits.  Much as I loved her, after 7 years I didn’t want another C5, which brought me to a local Ford dealership, where I found myself behind the wheel of a steed similar to the one pictured below.

Candy Red Mustang 5.0 teaser ad

One test drive, which left salesperson Lee a little white faced, convinced me that the new Mustang was an improvement over the ponies of yore.  The Coyote 5.0 was powerful, flexible and responsive, while the chassis was very well balanced up to and beyond its limits.  The suspension was a little soft but I figured shocks would fix it, so I went trolling for quotes on the Internet and received the best one from Ted at Mac Haik Ford in Georgetown, Texas, who was able to sell me a custom ordered GT for just $600 over invoice.

Eric's new Ford Mustang 5.0, & the last you'll see of the Mac Haik name...

This past Friday, I took delivery!  Of course, because every day with Jay is an adventure, while giving me a ride to the dealership in his new C6, this happened…..

Dealer bound for Eric's new Ford Mustang 5.0, former class competitor Jay has to change a tire

…..but by leaving his Corvette by the side of the road and going back for it later, we made it to the dealership on time.

The Mustang is a Gotta Have It Green base model with tech package, 6-speed manual, Recaro seats and the track package that my wife’s nicknamed “Froggy.”  Some pics are below.

Eric's new Ford Mustang 5.0, in all its green Froggy glory

Eric's new Ford Mustang 5.0, here's the heart of the matter!

Just so she has some grip, my buddies at Discount Tire on 281 mounted up a set of Hoosier A6s on a second set of Ford Racing black Brembo package wheels.  At over 30lb each, the wheels are on the heavy side, and will likely become street wheels while I source more lightweight competition shoes.

Mods so far are limited to the wheels and tires, and a replacement of the stock brake fluid with some ATE Super Blue.  The car’s stock mufflers are quiet and heavy, so I ordered an MBRP Pro-Series axle back exhaust from Dan B. at, which should be worth about 5hp.  I can’t speak enough about his customer service, so if you need anything for your late model Mustang I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them!  Some stock-legal Ford camber bolts are also in the works, though they may not be installed until the shocks are replaced.

Her debut event will be this coming Sunday’s (11-NOV-2012) SASCA autocross, I’ll let you know how we do!

Well, Eric’s debut was actually yesterday & so we will have to wait & see how Froggy behaved.  It looks to me that he was in a class of his own; there was no one else in his FS (F Stock) class.  🙁  On the bright side, Eric was able to PAX in 8th out of 104 entries (with only 1 cone).  I’m impressed!  But oh well, Racing Ready anticipates good things for Eric’s new ride!