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Highly Regarded Vintage Racer(s) at H2R

Awesome vintage cars show up at the darnedest places.  At the April 2009 The Drivers Edge event at Harris Hill Road, I saw a RHD (right hand drive) 1964 Ford GT40 Prototype.  The owner said he wasn’t quite sure if the year was correct.

Here’s the serial number for those curious & knowledgeable to research & check out.

The owner was busy & not talkative, so I just took pictures.  Therefore, I have no story at all on this beautiful racing relic of the past…sorry.  But, I just couldn’t keep these pictures of this treasure to myself.

The owner said that this classic racer was a handful to drive, compared to modern racers, but 3 times as fun. 🙂

Also of note at Harris Hill Road is vintage of another sort – the rolling chassis/body of H2R’s 24 Hours of LeMons Bo River’s Special.  This “prepared” Toyota Corolla is for sale & posted on Craig’s List.  No, the motor is not for sale as it was the best part of that rolling racebed of technology.  That motor is being preserved for some other project, I think…

There is never a question of racing equipment variety at Harris Hill Road.

Racing Ready is always on the lookout for it!