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H2R Crew Goes AutoXing – Part 1 (Autobianchi)

I’ve written many posts here about Harris Hill Road (H2R) in conjunction with their road course track & related events.  At the SPOKES 2009 Autocross #5, Bo Rivers & his crew came to autocross with 2 very different cars.

The first car is a fun little car I consider as a sort of the automotive equivalent of a mascot of H2R, the 1974 Autobianchi A112 Abarth.

This fun little car is always the center of attention, wherever it goes.  There was no exception of this at the SPOKES Autocross #5 event.  This Italian thoroughbred is all stock & very clean.

The only slight modification was cutting the front coil springs a bit to lower it.  Also, Bo described for me their solution to control the rear suspension travel.  They were not able to source a rear anti-sway bar that would work with the transverse-mounted single rear leaf spring.  Bo came up with the idea of a rear anti-sway strap, the $5.00 solution to cure the roll problem.  It looks just fine & works as intended.

I did a ride-along through the SPOKES SMA autocross course with Pierce.  It’s a fun handling car.  One secret is that you have to continually “row” through the gears to keep within the torque band (and also deal with FWD handling issues).

At the H2R track, they have an ongoing competition with the Autobianchi.  Members can compete for the Autobianchi record & bragging rights.  What is done is you take the car out on the course in one direction.  Then after completing 1 lap, you turn around & take the car around the track in the opposite direction.  The cumulative time is posted on the wall of the H2R Club House, for all the see & admire…

Racing Ready enjoys fun vintage competition cars – tomorrow will be the 2nd car…