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Dragon Racer Lashes Out At Autocross

What takes 3 people to manage, is fluorescent orange/yellow in color, & is ferociously loud…?  Some very special “cars” show up at autocross events.  Here’s a case in point from the recent SPOKES 2009 Autocross #5.

It’s the Dragon! This unique racing vehicle has seen serious autocross & SCCA Solo II Nationals competition.   It’s not streetable, but a dedicated racing competition machine.  This purpose built race car sports a RX1100 Yamaha Super Bike engine putting out upwards of 175HP.  With such little weight, it sure scoots!

The Dragon is co-driven by Brianne Corn (featured here previously), Tommy Saunders (Tommy’s a 5 time National Champion) & Jason.  These guys are all serious, but it seems like they have time to make it fun, too.  Here’s a video of one of Jason’s runs.

Here’s a another video of the Dragon & Brianne’s current autocross ride, a 2005 Subaru WRX STi.  This sure shows how “on the edge” driving the Dragon can be.

As usual Brianne put in an awesome effort…here’s her video proof:

Here’s what she had to say about this run:

This is my second fastest run of the day. I DNFed the good one!  Driving this car is a really amazing experience.  I started wearing a neck collar because I am getting mild whiplash from driving it…

Toward the end of the day Brianne shared with me that her most recent run garnered top time of day & top PAX.  Then Tommy went out and just beat her time & announced that it was time to pack up the car & put it in the trailer.  She was upset, to say the least, as she had one more run to go!

Racing Ready is braced for future neck snapping updates!


Never Quit – This Serious Competitor’s Motto

Brianne & her brother Kevin came to competitively autocross at the SPOKES 2009 Autocross #4.  Kevin came to get reacquainted with autocrossing – he’s been away from it for a couple of years.  On the other hand, anyone who knows a little bit about Brianne knows she was here to seriously compete!

Over the past year I have witnessed her in multiple venues: either in person, in Grassroots Motorsports Magazine or documented online.  Brianne has competed seriously in the 2009 Houston National Solo II Tour (see the video above – a nice run), she has autocrossed a 125cc shifter kart (see the video below)…

… and almost achieved membership in the 200MPH club.  Brianne tackled the Texas Mile on a high performance motorcycle (another video below)!

Earlier this year I witnessed Brianne autocrossing her previous white Subaru.  She had cleverly “written” her car’s class & number on the rocker panel mud overspray.

Before I knew that Brianne, Kevin & her car were at this event, I met her Dad.  Not knowing who he was, I started a general conversation with him.  As he started to proudly describe his daughter, I knew he was talking about Brianne.

At this event, Brianne was learning about the handling characteristics of her recently purchased 2005 Subaru WRX STi.  She was not at all happy with the manner in which the rear suspension maneuvered.  She even (at first) loosened, then later entirely removed her car’s rear anti-sway bar.

Brianne has no problem getting into working through a challenge.  She is a very serious competitor, but also has the time to talk with you, if you can get through to her while she is tweaking & adjusting…

From what I could tell, she’s going back to the drawing board as to what she needs to do with her Subaru, to get it to handle more cooperatively.

Racing Ready respects those individuals, like Brianne, who are serious competitors.  They drive and inspire the rest of us to try harder…