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CG-Lock Review: Sit Tighter – Go Faster!

CG-Lock installed

A Reintroduction to the CG-Lock

I used my CG-Lock in my Big White Whale when I autocrossed with it last Fall.  Now, I have already installed it on my “new” 1999 Mazda Miata, Karlino.  It really works to keep you in place, using your feet to work the pedals & not to brace yourself!

But beyond my words & experience, see what the folks at the Evolution Performance Driving School have to say about the CG-Lock:

Reveal the CG-Lock Formula Proven to Make Fast Drivers Faster
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Proven To Make Fast Drivers Faster

Evolution and CG-Lock team up to bring you the

The Evolution Performance Driving School, “Official School of the SCCA’s National Solo Program” for 2009, endorses the CG-Lock and confirms it makes fast drivers faster!

The nationally recognized Evolution Performance Driving School has adopted the CG-Lock as an official sponsor of the School and as the official sponsor of the School’s Phase One Program.  Evolution has endorsed the CG-Lock to help drivers drive better and faster and will promote the CG-Lock at its events, schools and seminars.  The under $50 CG-Lock attaches to most factory installed seatbelts to provide about 80% of the control benefit of a racing harness that results in better car control, less driver fatigue and faster laps.    Evolution teaches all levels of drivers how to autocross and drive better and faster.  The motorsport of autocrossing is performed mainly with daily driver cars that have the original factory installed seatbelts.

My $5.00 off offer!
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Having the proper tool will always help – for autocross (as well as for HPDEs & road racing), the GC-Lock is one of those few tools.  Doing autocross well (as in any learned activity) is an ongoing, lifelong pursuit.  Like the Evolution Performance Driving School‘s tagline says, it’s about “educating autocrossers, one second at a time“!  They offer a thorough program…check them out to really improve your driving.

Racing Ready recommends & offers a discount on the CG-Lock.
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New Products Pages Updates

In the spirit of Black Friday, today I spent my non-shopping time adding to & upgrading my Products & CG-Lock pages.

So far I have added 4 companies (on my Products my  page) where you can browse through to see how you can effectively upgrade your competition vehicle or your daily driver:

At Discount Parts Auto Performance, they have a good selection and great pricing on the acclaimed K&N Performance filters – and that’s before the 10% discount they are offering.  So, go ahead & consider the best bang for the buck performance upgrade for your vehicle, the K&N Performance Filter!

K&N 125x125

Tire Rack is a recognized supplier in amateur racing circles.  They are well known for their customer service and thoroughly researched advice.  They can assist you in making the correct tire purchase, whether it be for the track or the street.  Tire Rack also offers a selection of wheels, brakes, suspension parts, advice & more.

Tire Rack- Revolutionizing Tire Buying

I’m sure you remember, in your youth, paging through the JC Whitney Catalog, dreaming of the cars you could modify with the treasure trove of parts they offer.  That quantity & selection is still available, with free shipping, too.  Visit their online version of that catalog here.

JC Whitney Brand

Many of us don’t have the time, knowledge or resources to devote to building a competitive race car.  Racing Junk has a solution.  If you ever wanted to see what other racers are willing to let go. click at this interesting site – you’ll be surprised at what is being offered.


These are all well-regarded vendors of quality products.  Consider looking through these sites for yourself or friends.  Go ahead & bookmark them – come back later for more vehicle upgrade purchase ideas.

Racing Ready wants to be more than just your racing inspiration, information & entertainment source; but also to recommend products for your purchase consideration.  So, click away!

Thank you!


Autocrossing as an Involved Fan

In my mind I am getting myself ready for this upcoming autocross on Sunday, (tomorrow, 7/13/2008).  Please bear in mind that I won’t yet be participating as a competitor.  I will be there all day, from the drivers’ meeting to picking up the cones.  I will be visiting with people, getting introduced to new friends by my mentor, Jerry.  Especially of interest will be the opportunity to ride along on possibly a couple of runs to get more first hand knowledge, and more information to share with you, dear reader.

I will be talking about and promoting the CG-Lock (remember the $5.00 savings – click on CG-Lock!).  Also, I will be interviewing some of the drivers to get a stronger foundation about what amateur racing at this level is all about.

Here’s the event schedule, pulled from the SPOKES website:

Race-Day Schedule

  • 8:00-9:00AMREGISTRATION and TECH open.  Pre-registered folks must check-in. Work/run assignments will be announced at drivers meeting.
  • 9:00-9:15AM LATE REGISTRATION open.  Registrations accepted for an additional $5 charge.
  • 9:00-9:15AM NOVICE WALK-THRU and COURSE OPEN for walking.  (Course may be open before 9AM, if available).
  • 9:30AM Mandatory Drivers Meeting at the timing trailer.
  • 9:40AM First Heat Cars To Grid, First Heat Workers to Report.
  • 9:45AM First Car out.

Here’s their suggestions for “newbies”:

New to Autocross?

If you’re new to autocrossing or just have some questions regarding what to do to prepare for an event, then read on!  First of all, please be aware that autocrossing will very likely take ALL DAY! In order to participate, you need to be willing to devote nearly all of the daylight hours to it.  Below is a checklist of helpful items to follow…

  • Pre-register online at http://www.spokes.org ahead of time (if possible)
  • Arrive to the site with plenty of air in your tires (typically max. recommended pressure because it’s easier to release air than to put it in, especially if you don’t have a compressor or air tank).  Once you get to the site, ask experienced autocrossers what pressures they’d recommend for your car
  • Secure a pit spot, taking only as much space as you need
  • Drive your car to Tech to get it inspected, unless you already have a yearly Tech sticker.  You need to get your car inspected before proceeding to registration
  • Proceed to registration (typically near the van) to register and get your work assignment from the Worker Chief
  • Walk the course. Follow or walk with more experienced drivers, if you need assistance.  Everyone is willing to help!
  • Novices are welcomed to join in the Novice Walk-Through with our Novice Chief just prior to the Drivers Meeting
  • Attend the Drivers Meeting which is scheduled to start at 9:00
  • Pay attention to the heats that are running and preparing to run so that you report on time (or early!)
  • Our schedules can be inconsistent due to different numbers of drivers in each heat.  When you venture off for lunch, please hurry back so that you do not miss your runs or your work assignment.  The best plan is to bring your lunch and drinks with you from home
  • If the event finishes early enough and there are enough people still on site, we will present trophies at the site.  Otherwise, they will be presented at the meeting on the Tuesday following each event

These are some great guidelines to follow, and will allow to participate as a knowledgeable fan (or competitor) who is Racing Ready!


CG-Lock Initial Impressions

Usually I don’t continue a theme from the previous day, but today I take exception.


Today I used the CG-Lock I received & installed last night, and it was an eye-opening experience to use, even in street driving.  Initially, I realized fitment would be better if I lost some weight.  But that aside, I was able to see some of the benefits of a snugly secured lapbelt.

Most of my driving to/from work (about 12 miles) is close to 15% urban streets & 85% interstate city highway.  Of course, there are no rapid chicanes, tight left/right kinks or attitude adjusting hairpin turns.  There are a couple of decreasing radius left hand sweepers, though.  In these broad 60 mph turns I felt the belt hold me much better in the seat.  Also, I had to tell myself I didn’t need to hang onto the steering wheel as before.  I could better feel how the front wheels were negotiating the turn, and therefore better respond to those reactions.  It was, to say the least, interesting.

Here’s a knowledgeable statement about the CG-Lock as related to competition usage within SCCA sanctioned Solo (autocross) events:

“As long as the CG-Lock is installed according to the manufacturer’s supplied instructions, the CG-Lock has no effect on the original factory upper body restraint and will be compliant with 3.3.1 of the SCCA National Solo Rules. This includes convertibles without roll bars.”

– Doug Gill
SCCA Solo Technical Manager

Here’s a quick teaser video of how to set up your CG-Lock (just click the play button):

Well, that should give you a better idea how its used and why you’d want to use it.  Go ahead, go to the upper right & click the ‘Products’ page to learn more.  It will make you better Racing Ready, of course!


Great New Product, the CG-Lock

Today I received a great new product – the CG-Lock!  This is the first item I have available for purchase.  You you can save about 10% by visiting the CG-Lock link above (or click the lower left image labeled: CG-Lock $5.00 Discount !).

CG-Lock installed

I have been in correspondence with Bruce Mather, the person behind the CG-Lock.  Its a wonderfully simple device.  It easily installs on your standard shoulder/lap belt, to allow to to be “cinched in”, keeping the lap portion of your belt tight.  This gives you greater control to use the steering wheel to steer with.  Not to hang on for dear life, while performing high speed maneuvers during an autocross or other such driving event.  The same is true for your legs and feet.  No longer do you have to brace yourself, and therefore better perform the actions necessary to drive competitively .

Cones, the \

Driving around the cones (or whatever designated course you are navigating) will become a more precise operation.  The www.CG-Lock.com website has good videos, articles, testimonials, test results & so on.  This item is also great for better securing child seats…

So, go ahead, check it out.  Going to www.CG-Lock.com & using my special promotion code (racingready) will net you a $5.00 savings on your order.  Its a secure site and easy to navigate through.

This is a great first product to offer, its inexpensive, but its performance to value ratio is hard to beat.  As they say at CG-Lock:

The CG-Lock improves the performance of the driver, not the car!

Therefore, this is definitely a product to make you Racing Ready!


P.S. – Just installed my new CG-Lock & I’m ready to race, err drive, to work tomorrow! 🙂