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1976 Cosworth Vega Does Autocross Debut

At this past Sunday’s SPOKES 2009 Autocross #5, there was a classic hot car from the 70’s – a 1976 Chevy Cosworth Vega.  Cliff, the owner, said he’s had this car new since he has in college.  Now that’s true car ownership dedication!

My brother had a standard issue Vega that he took cross-country, back in 1984.  It was an adequate, well-rusted (from the Northeast US) although unexciting little car form the 70’s.  But Cliff’s car model added excitement to the compact Chevrolet line at the time.

Cliff has done very few modifications in the car’s lifetime – it’s relatively stock.  The 4 cylinder engine is 122 cubic inches, AKA, 2 liters.  Most changes were to improve an issue that declining performance necessitated.  Here’s what few items are no longer stock or updated:

  • Dual Weber Carbs kit (instead of fuel injection) with 45mm venturis
  • A milled head
  • MSD ignition module
  • A more supportive, up-to-date driver’s seat

I never did find out how many miles have been clocked by Cliff.  It’s in relatively good original condition for its age.  These original wheels still look good & functional (tire size is 205/60 R13’s – much more aggressive rubber than existed in 1976!).

Cliff had a great time autocrossing his 33 year old ride – it’ll be good to see him back at future autocross events…

Racing Ready wonders how different life would be today with the possession of a car like this sweet little Vega, during college days.  Hmmm…hindsight is SO 20-20!