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Upcoming Divisional Style SASCA Autocross #5

The next SASCA autocross (June 7th, 2009) will be of the Divisional-in-a-Day style.  What this means is that competitors will have the opportunity to run 2 courses in one event.  Specifically, the course will be run in one direction in the morning, then re-arranged somewhat, and run in the opposite direction in the afternoon.  Each competitor will have only 4 attempts at each course variation.

These types of autocross events make for some good competitive fun.  In addition & as a bonus, this event will be a combination SASCA & SPOKES event.  It should have a grand assortment of competitive cars & people to make for a very fulfilling day.

Here’s the morning course, running counter-clockwise – click for full image:

Here’s the afternoon course, running clockwise – again, click for full image:

Here are the autocross event details from SASCA.org:

SASCA AutoX #5 for 2009 at AT&T Center
Sunday, June 7th, 2009

SASCA’s 5th points autocross of 2009 will be on Sunday June 7th at the AT&T Center. The AT&T Center is located at #1 SBC Center, San Antonio, TX, 78219.

IMPORTANT!!! All Drivers MUST have their Proof of Insurance (POI) on file BEFORE this event. If your POI is already on file, and it hasn’t expired yet, you are good to go. See this topic for full details: www.sasca.org/forum/index.php/topic,2568.0.html

Setup starts at 7:00 AM
Registration opens at 7:30 AM
Late registration begins at 8:30 AM (additional $10)
Registration CLOSES at 9:00 AM
Novice Walkthrough at 9:00 AM
Driver’s meeting at 9:30 AM
First Car out at 10:00 AM

Register online at www.axwaresystems.com/axorm

Overview Map to the site

Map for entering the AT&T Complex

Image of the event lot

Google hybrid map

This should be a fun event – Racing Ready will see you out there!