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Hard Chargin’ SRT Dodge Charger

Daniel came all the way up from Corpus Christi, TX to compete at the SPOKES 2009 Autocross #4.  That was a 3+ hour drive for him!  What dedication to compete.

This 2006 SRT Dodge Charger has that big, honkin’ 6.1L Hemi engine.  Daniel has made it even more powerful by optimizing a special AIRAID cold air intake system.  In the photos below you’ll see the dyer vent hose duct entry by the front, left fog light.  This drives dense cool air to the airbox, allowing the engine to breathe more freely & make more power.

Daniel says his car generates a conservative 415WHP!

To gain more control of this better breathing power, Daniel has installed 2 HiFlow catalytic converters & 2 pairs of electric cutouts – 1 pair in front, 1 pair in back.

This car had more power than the tires could take, but you could tell Daniel was having fun.  He has so dedicated this car to compete, that all the seats (except the driver’s) have been removed!

This was an aggressive car.  Too bad there was no passenger seat, as it would have been fun to participate in this powerful thrill with a ride along…

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