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Fun Corvette Takes Hot Laps at H2R – Part 2

There was another enthusiastically driven Corvette at the SEA Track Attack at Harris Hill Road.  Bob’s been an active participant this past year that I’ve been documenting regional amateur racing.  Bob has brought his head turning Lister Replica Racer to many past autocross & HPDE (high performance driver education) events.

At this event Bob did not disappoint, bringing his 1999 FRC (Fixed Roof Coupe) Corvette C5.  There is an interesting tie-in from yesterday’s featured Corvette – Bob’s Corvette was previously owned by Jeff.  It was interesting to see them compare notes.

Unlike Jeff’s Corvette, which is relatively stock, Bob’s car has a number of significant modifications & upgrades, some completed by Bob & some by Kevin.  Here’s what’s noticeably different from stock:

  • MTI Racing Stage 1 Engine Upgrade – to allow better/freer breathing & improved throttle response (This car was dyno’d at 420HP, measured at the wheels!  Jeff did this when he was this car’s owner.)

  • the suspension has been completely changed out with that of a Z06 Corvette (Bob completed this over the past winter off season)

One of the “highlights” of this event was a mid afternoon heavy rain & lightening storm.  Bob did just fine in the morning, but was not happy to venture out on the track while it was still drying.  Due to the design of the H2R track, by Bo Rivers, the track was pretty much dry within an hour.  Dedicated Hoosier racing slick tires made the damp running laps an adventure Bob did not want to participate in.  He was able to venture back out on the dry, but green, track later and had more fun.

Bob really enjoys responding to his “racing Jones” on weekends.  It’s great that he is also able to balance this fun activity with his time with family & career.  Also, believe it or not, Bob has been able to get 32MPG on the highway – sounds like you can have your cake & eat it, too!

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