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VooDoo Racing – Versatile Performance Miata

I met an interesting Miata owner/racer, with a specially setup Miata, who drove all the way up from Corpus Christi, Texas.  This was John, at that SEA Track Attack HPDE (high performance driver education) event way back last May at Harris Hill Road (H2R).

John's 1995 Mazda Miata on H2R grid, discussing racing line strategy with friend Jim

VOODOO nameplate base of the Mazda Miata rear deck spoiler

Rear view of John's 1995 Mazda Miata - check out that racing spoiler & diffuser!

John’s Miata is a 1995 model that has been modified to “play” in one of the NASA Time Trial classes.  This is based on power to weight settings per each class.  He participates at these types of events at MSR Houston (north of Houston, TX) & Motorsport Ranch (at Cresson, TX – SE of  Fort Worth), among others.  John is definitely committed to this, as he drives (no trailer for him) to all these events.

The cockpit of this racing, but still street legal, 1995 Mazsda Miata

John makes do on his trips in his somewhat stripped out Miata interior.  Corpus Christi, is in South Texas – that’s at least a 5 to 7 hour drive, respectively, to these 2 tracks.  He even participated at an event at VIR (VIRginia International Raceway) – yes, with this Miata!

At MSR Houston they have Track Day events.  Here’s a Spec Miata (not John’s car) doing a lap at speed on that track:

As you can see, John’s Miata is not stock, but it’s not a Spec Miata, either.  Here’s a general overview of his car’s modifications & additions:

  • simple suspension with KYB shocks
  • upgraded anti-sway bars
  • handcrafted front splitter (above 100MPH it really helps with the stability – it’s simply aluminum plate)
  • handcrafted rear wing & diffuser

Another more direct shot of that rear deck racing spoiler & diffuser!

  • Link Engine Management system – a standalone control of engine ECU

Link Engine Management, the dash mounted ECU controller - John can make changes on the fly!

  • turbo

The engine bay of this street legal, but racing capable, 1995 Mazda Miata

John’s friend Jim’s RS32 car is in the shop.  So, at this day’s event, he was occupied with advising John, to assist him with performing better on the track.  With the changing weather on this day, that was helpful.  John was well prepared – he had both dry & wet track tires.  He was able to drive at speed in all track conditions.

Dry track tire/wheel combo - Toyo Proxes RA1/15" alloy wheelWet track tire/wheel combo - Dunlop Direzza DZ 101/15" painted alloy wheel

VOODOO Racing Solutions (VRS), John’s business, does motorsports enthusiasts suspension, turbo & engine work.

VOODOO Racing Solutions - John's Automotive Performance Specialty Shop

Here’s another business endeavor John is involved in…

VOODOO Garage - Clothing Co. Another related business of John's

These are some of the numbers John’s Time Trial Miata can achieve – these are NICE:

  • @ 9lbs boost 205 WHP / 190 foot pounds of torque
  • @ 11lbs boost 238 WHP / 218 foot pounds of torque

Here’s visual proof of some of those numbers!

John @ speed !

Locally, John & his friends like to compete in autocross at Waldron Field, an old airstrip, north of Corpus Christi.  Also, in addition to all the above, John participates in REDLINE Time Attack track events.  Below you can see his proof!

John showing some track "history" & the livery from REDLINE Time Attack Competition

Racing Ready is impressed by John’s amateur racing enthusiast “resume”!  He is an inspiration to all of us, wannabes racers or otherwise.  We need to focus, as John does, to counter-attack our many other time & life commitments holding us back from completely pursing our racing dream.

Thanks, John, and keep on racing!!!


Nissan 350Z Racer Quest Continues

Yesterday, I started the description of Steve’s 350Z Touring edition Nissan sports car.  Little did I know he & his car were at the first event I attended & blogged about – small world.

Steve provided me plenty of information.  Let me logically present it to you here…

Steve’s racing bug bit when he started bracket racing in the 1/4 drag in Ennis, TX – at age 16.  He was on a team called Relentless Racing.  He says straight line racing is fun, but the real driver’s skill is in the curves.  I can’t agree more; I’d like to add that the curves need to go in both the left & right directions!

This has been Steve’s first full year doing autocrossing with both the SPOKES & SASCA clubs.  I’ll quote Steve some more:

My first event was a crash course to how to class your car properly. My second autocross for spokes I got first in Novice. My 3rd event I got first in Novice at SASCA. Then I won first a second time for SPOKES and another for SASCA, so I was kicked out of the Novice class for both groups.

Ludicrous Speed Racing is a team of guys that have given me valuable insights on how to drive. Ed (a newer Nissan 350Z), Wei (2000 Honda Prelude SH) , Shane (2000 Subaru 2.5RSC Impreza), and Jay (2003 Corvette Z06) are helping me through my first year. Those guys are great!

In the 2009 racing season Steven will be racing in B Stock for a company in Austin called Flocasts.  This company will be offering a website for autocrossers and car enthusiast a place to post their videos (sounds like a great future cross promotional opportunity!).  He will be traveling across America to promote grassroots motorsports and hopefully give local racers a place to gain national recognition.

Steven started at Harris Hill Road as a part-time corner worker last summer.  Once the business gained some traction, the management recognized his spirit & passion, and he was moved up to the track coordinator position.  Steven also does billing paperwork during the week.  In addition, he currently attends Texas State University in San Marcos, TX, as a management major with an entrepreneurial focus (a future business racer).

He says H2R has been a great place to work (boy, am I jealous!). Steven continues saying that Bo Rivers and Eric Beverding are the coolest bosses you could imagine to work for.  The laid back environment and positive attitudes make for a fun place to spend his days.

Autocross is where Steven plans to get his start.  Eventually he wants to move up to Pro Solo and Solo2 Nationals in the SCCA.  He also plans to compete in NASA time trials and super lap battles.  Steve finishes by saying:

After that, who knows! All I want to do is race, and race I do!

Here are some more details of Steven’s ride.  He’s added a Sparco Harness Bar that’s given him the added benefit of increasing the car’s chassis stiffness – he was both surprised & impressed.

In the “go” department he’s installed a K&N cold air intake FilterCharger, and a Cobb Tuning system.

One thing I enjoyed about Steven’s car was the throaty roar of its exhaust.  He’s put in an Invidia exhaust system.  It had the unique sound of a big angry cat, purring with a vengeance!  Very unique – it made you turn your head to see what was coming…

As to other improvements under the car, this past spring Steven went though a series of progressive modifications: D-Spec Tokico Adjustable Shocks (helps to better control the factory induced oversteer), Ground Control coilover springs & Eibach springs, upgraded swaybar, Cryo Rotors, Hawk Performance Plus brake pads & more.  Unfortunately, he warped the rear rotors at this autocross on 11/23/2008.

Steven adds:

Thanks for the site.  I appreciate the opportunity for exposure, I need all I can get (me too!).  It gives me something to do in class, and a heads up on the competition!

Racing Ready really appreciates Steven’s enthusiasm.  It would be great to partner up with him to help promote his cross-country racing experiences with Flocasts next racing season.


P.S. – Here’s the subsequest meeting information with Truong.