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FullSolo – Competition At Speed

At last, it’s here – FullSolo !

I started a dialogue in earnest with both Truong & Steven last December 2008 about this social networking, autocross community project.

Finally it has come to fruition!  And here is what I posted as a blog entry on the FullSolo site & why I believe in this!!!

Supporting FullSolo Through Racing Ready

I have been in conversation about this project since the end of last year with both Truong & Steven. This community will establish a foundation of interest & growth in the amateur sport of autocross (Solo). This has been something lacking in the past, and although physically based in South/Central Texas, will move across the country fast. I know this will grow virally & soon!

I see this as a win-win for the local autocrosser to get some well-deserved recognition, as well as increase the popularity and awareness of this sport we all enjoy. All will benefit!

I support the shared vision & initiative of FullSolo & pledge to help it to grow though my blog, RacingReady.com.

We’ll see you out there (& also, in here!) … 😉

Racing Ready Dan

Steven Johnson will be officially launching the site at the upcoming Divisional style 2009 SASCA Autocross #5.  He will not only be recording videos of autocross runs, but plans to video interview participants, as well.  It will be good to see more of the human element in this sport!

Racing Ready supports this community & will continue to promote it!