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Never Quit – This Serious Competitor’s Motto

Brianne & her brother Kevin came to competitively autocross at the SPOKES 2009 Autocross #4.  Kevin came to get reacquainted with autocrossing – he’s been away from it for a couple of years.  On the other hand, anyone who knows a little bit about Brianne knows she was here to seriously compete!

Over the past year I have witnessed her in multiple venues: either in person, in Grassroots Motorsports Magazine or documented online.  Brianne has competed seriously in the 2009 Houston National Solo II Tour (see the video above – a nice run), she has autocrossed a 125cc shifter kart (see the video below)…

… and almost achieved membership in the 200MPH club.  Brianne tackled the Texas Mile on a high performance motorcycle (another video below)!

Earlier this year I witnessed Brianne autocrossing her previous white Subaru.  She had cleverly “written” her car’s class & number on the rocker panel mud overspray.

Before I knew that Brianne, Kevin & her car were at this event, I met her Dad.  Not knowing who he was, I started a general conversation with him.  As he started to proudly describe his daughter, I knew he was talking about Brianne.

At this event, Brianne was learning about the handling characteristics of her recently purchased 2005 Subaru WRX STi.  She was not at all happy with the manner in which the rear suspension maneuvered.  She even (at first) loosened, then later entirely removed her car’s rear anti-sway bar.

Brianne has no problem getting into working through a challenge.  She is a very serious competitor, but also has the time to talk with you, if you can get through to her while she is tweaking & adjusting…

From what I could tell, she’s going back to the drawing board as to what she needs to do with her Subaru, to get it to handle more cooperatively.

Racing Ready respects those individuals, like Brianne, who are serious competitors.  They drive and inspire the rest of us to try harder…


VW R32 – A Very Prepared Competitor

Upon arriving at the SPOKES 2009 Autocross #4, right away I noticed Shawn’s 2004 Volkswagen R32.  What drew my instant attention was the sound.  I heard this large bore, V8 mean muscle sound coming from the course.  As I looked across the arranged orange traffic cones, I incredulously focused on Shawn’s bright red car.  My first thought was, “Is all that powerful sound coming from that little VW hatchback?”

Later, I got to talking with Shawn about his beast of a little car…  Here’s a relatively un-detailed list of the modifications & upgrades Shawn has completed to make this a monster of a VW R32.  It pretty much looks stock under that hood – hmmm…

  • Trick cams
  • Cold air intake
  • Super Sprint headers
  • PS9 coilovers
  • 21mm rear anti-sway bar
  • EIP exhaust

  • It has been corner balanced
  • Tuned by Soul Speed
  • ECU tuning by AWE

  • All wheel drive controller
  • 17 x 8 SSR wheels with 235 tires

Also, the interior doesn’t really give away any hints.  This is a sleeper of a car until Shawn opens up the throttle!

This write up wouldn’t be complete without an on course shot of Shawn at speed…

Racing Ready wants a vehicle with this kind of head turning performance!