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He Built a Miata V8 Roadster!

Last month, at the The Drivers Edge event at Harris Hill Road, I met Mark who has “improved” a Mazda Miata in a unique way.  He purchased a LSx conversion kit, from www.v8roadsters.com, which allowed him replace a Miata 4 cylinder engine with a big LS1 V8 engine (a Chevrolet Corvette engine that fits just fine).  Mark says these Miatas are “twice as nice”! This swap does a number in interesting changes to a Miata:

  • Adds 130 pounds
  • Increases the power 3 times
  • Shifts the center of gravity back better, due to the bigger engine & transmission
  • Mounts 275mm wide Hoosier tires all around (this is an increase of 25mm)
  • The tires are mounted on 6UL wheels form 949racing.com

Mark steered me to this website where you can learn more: www.v8roadsters.com Go ahead, check it out…   Quite an interesting conversion!

Here’s a quote about v8roadsters focus, from their website:

At v8roadsters our aim is to produce the finest performance components available.

We accomplish this through the use of today’s precision equipment and over 50 years of experience at the highest levels in the racing, automotive, and aviation industries. Along with our dedication to developing performance products, we are also offer specialty LSx and T56 services. We have been involved with the LSx generation since its release in the late 1990’s and have accommodated a wide array of LSx and T56 applications. Through our involvement with motor sports over the past decades and today, our passion for performance continues to grow. With that growth and our pursuit to find the next level of performance, we can offer the finest products available. We back our products and customers with the best service in the industry and take pride in our craftsmanship which aids our goal to produce the best components available.

If you have any questions regarding our products please contact Sales at 813.532.2786 or sales@v8roadsters.com.

Make sure to join our forum and keep up to date with new developments.

I’m sure these converted Miatas would be a hoot to drive!  Has anyone out there heard, seen or even driven one?

Racing Ready is all about improvement, even to this significant level…