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VW R32 – A Very Prepared Competitor

Upon arriving at the SPOKES 2009 Autocross #4, right away I noticed Shawn’s 2004 Volkswagen R32.  What drew my instant attention was the sound.  I heard this large bore, V8 mean muscle sound coming from the course.  As I looked across the arranged orange traffic cones, I incredulously focused on Shawn’s bright red car.  My first thought was, “Is all that powerful sound coming from that little VW hatchback?”

Later, I got to talking with Shawn about his beast of a little car…  Here’s a relatively un-detailed list of the modifications & upgrades Shawn has completed to make this a monster of a VW R32.  It pretty much looks stock under that hood – hmmm…

  • Trick cams
  • Cold air intake
  • Super Sprint headers
  • PS9 coilovers
  • 21mm rear anti-sway bar
  • EIP exhaust

  • It has been corner balanced
  • Tuned by Soul Speed
  • ECU tuning by AWE

  • All wheel drive controller
  • 17 x 8 SSR wheels with 235 tires

Also, the interior doesn’t really give away any hints.  This is a sleeper of a car until Shawn opens up the throttle!

This write up wouldn’t be complete without an on course shot of Shawn at speed…

Racing Ready wants a vehicle with this kind of head turning performance!